back to article Vint Cerf declares for Obama over net neutrality

Vint Cerf has declared for Obama in the US Presidential race, after carefully considering the issues – you know, war, global and domestic poverty – and deciding that what the world needs now is network neutrality. To drive home the point, Cerf posted his manifesto on YouTube – thus reaping the twin benefits of getting his …


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Short and Sweet as a Nut.

Bravo, Vint. I concur.

Uncle Sam needs all the Help IT can Give on the WAI into a Greater Imaginative Future.


It's a bit cynical

To have a go at him for not talking about the war, economy, etc. Sure, those are more important issues, but net neutrality is what this guy does. The military will encourage their lot to vote for whoever's best for their viewpoint, as will businesses, community groups, and so on. This is pretty much how politics works. Is Vint any different?


Don't be a Muppet!

Vint is a Muppet btw. and if you believe the corporate donkey, so are you.

He just doesn't want ISP's to make any money. Don't believe me... read this el'Reg report:

Believe me now?

He is a slave to the Google Corporation, who don't want to win the war, they just don't want any competition to win against - Net neutrality gives them that, after all whom can stop Google these days .... nobody, except the ISP's (unless they are not allowed to make any money = Net Neutered).

It's time people really understood the costs of this stupid neutrality idea, and what it 'really' means!

Yanks, please vote for somebody else other than the two twats in the running at present!


@AC 14:08

Muppet. You cite an article by idiotstick Orlowski in making a case against the "Father of the Internet", Vinton Cerf?!? Orlowski knows nothing. Cerf, along with Bob Kahn, made this Internet thingy possible with their invention of TCP. He knows more about the Internet than Orlowski could ever hope to know. Twit.

And if you must express opinions about American political candidates, for those of you not in America, it would be better for you if you expressed interest in the candidate that could have an impact on your world, rather than complain about things no president has control over. For example, no president can really have any effect on world economics. That's the purview of ... economists and those who run the economic engines, like Ben Bernanke and Paulson. Presidents have much more control over things like military intervention and social policy. So it's irrelevant when Obama or McCain speak about what they will do for the economy, as they are pretty well neutered when it comes to that. Rather, pay more attention to their stands on the wars, torture, civil liberties and how they would behave in the world community.

Not only is it less confusing, it makes sense.

In this regard, the next president will have almost nothing to do with Internet neutrality, so Mr. Cerf is really whistling in the wind, here, as much as I respect his work.


@AC Thursday 16th October 2008 14:08 GMT

"Don't want ISPs to make money"

So you are in favour of the 'walled garden' approach whereby ISPs terminate your connection on an edge router and fence you in by restricting you to their content unlesss you pay extra to use their peering connections.

Errr, I think the fact AOL, Compuserve and others that worked on a 'walled garden' philosophy are on their way down proves that the market doesn't want that model and is in favour of neutrality.

I can only imagine you are top brass at one of these ISPs, I'd start looking for another job quick as your company's clock is ticking

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