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Partisan network enabler Camiant is to bring "real-time policy control" to a European mobile network, throttling data by application, time and location, not to mention tariff. The Boston-based outfit has signed a deal to bring "policy control" to an Eastern European network operator it'll only describe as a "challenger, not an …


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Where ISN'T there a WiFi signal?

My first caffienated brain-burp of the day:

1. Set up VPN VOIP Proxy in a free country. (Sweden?)

2. Produce clients that allow a person's wifi phone (or even bluetooth if you can get the range) to access said proxy for a small fee, via their wifi access point.

3. Allow owners of said access points to share their connection (i.e. just to the proxy) with the members of said proxy, for a cut of the proxy access fee.

4. Profit! :-)

I'm not suggesting this would work everywhere, but it could start with airports, train stations, city centres, petrol stations, supermarkets. Anywhere people would stay within one WiFi network while chatting.



Run FTTH, make it fast, put a 3g pico cell on it / into the fibre router. If enough homes get them, the power on the big masts can be reduced. We can all have super duper fast wireless access.


Bandwidth issues

The problem they is have is bandwidth.

Telco technology right now is all about convergent technology: the lines between fixed, mobile, voice and data are things that soon will be part of the past.

And here we have companies that like to charge for switching, not for data (after all, with IP Phones it is all about charge per data..), and at outrageous prices!!

Problem is: they are used to charge for switching, so their data capacity is very very low..

Thumb Down


such as the £15-a-GB Vodafone will be enforcing from November 1st.

BAH If i exceed my 5 GB limit with Vodafone I pay AUD$150 a gig

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