back to article Adobe patch thwarts clickjacking attack

Adobe has published an update to its popular Flash Player software, addressing a much-publicised clickjacking flaw. Clickjacking affects multiple applications (including browsers and media players) and creates a means for hackers to trick prospective marks into unknowingly clicking on a link or dialogue. Adobe Flash Player - …


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version 10 is only partially FF3 compatible

I installed it late last night and discovered that and give inconsistent results. (One works, one doesn't.). Flickr videos refused to work too, so I've gone back to the previous version.

Before you ask, I *did* remove the previous version before installation.

(And before the flaming about Star Trek, why do you think I posted anonymously?)


How convenient

Flash player version 10 is out and Adobe all of a sudden discovers critical issues in the previous version...

How convenient to push everyone to upgrade asap...

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