back to article Sling shoots AppleTV rival into UK stores

Sling Media's SlingPlayer-in-a-box gadget, SlingCatcher, is now available to Brits. SlingCatcher takes the network-beamed feed from a Slingbox tuner and displays it on a TV screen. Sling's pitching the product as an alternative to the laptops, desktops and mobile phones Slingbox users current remote watch their favourite TV …


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  1. Colin Millar

    £200 - an extra zero slipped in there?

    Lets get this straight - this simply takes the output from the first sling thing source and lets you watch it on a second telly?

    Its an MVP? For £200?

    Sling sure are lucky there's one born every minute.

  2. Richard

    Damn it

    I wanted a couple of these as I have no aerial sockets in the kitchen or second bedroom, and wanted to put TVs in there, since I can't do any rewiring as the house is rented. But for that price? Hell no. Anyone know of any alternatives for sending TV signals along ethernet along powerline adaptors?

  3. Jon Leighton


    £200 for a plastic skip (Uk for dumpster)? Noooo. I hate all sling shapes.

  4. David Beck

    A case study in product management

    A couple years ago Slingmedia said we'll build a box to pair with a Slingbox to show the output on a TV as an alternative to using a PC. That box would have cost maybe £40 or £50 and they would have sold one to about half the Slingbox users. But then someone said we need to add network sources (UTube, iPlayer,...) so they added a pile of software (and some additional hardware to hold it), while that was being done someone said we need to add local storage to hold the net content (for replay), so the added USB ports, while that was underway someone said we are a year late on this thing so we might as well add the HD stuff, well you get the idea. Two years late and 4 times the price point.

    Lesson, make a plan, stick to it and ignore all of the "someones".


  5. Dave

    TV Senders

    So I could by a 'TV Sender' that works on microwave frequency radio links, for say £40 quid, and they want to charge me £200 for much the same thing?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    TV over Cat 5

    A lot of the senders can seriously screw up your wireless network. The only smart system for transferring signals I've heard of is Milestone from It ships video and remote control signals over Cat 5.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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