back to article Bull lands 200 teraflop German super deal

French server maker and reseller Bull has just become prime contractor for a 200-teraflops cluster called Juropa being installed at Forschungszentrum Jülich. This is a government-sponsored research center located in the German city of Jülich, where some of the most powerful HPC iron in the world warms feet. The cluster at the …


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ZFS on Linux...?

"Sun is kicking in its Zettabyte File System for Solaris 10 and Linux..."

AFAIK Linux folk such as Jim Zemlin have been on the one hand dimissing ZFS as "trivial (rofl), and on the other bitching about how it should be released under the GPL and/or playing up a "competitor" that is in beta (btrfs). Otherwise, ZFS ain't on Linux.


ZFS for Linux is stable ?

it says ZFS for linux... the only way of accessing ZFS for linux is currentky via FUSE and thats not very stable or high performance... maybe they have done a real port like MacOS X ?

whats going on ??


John Jones

Black Helicopters

Jeff Bonwick and Linus

May I kindly point you to:

Jeff Bonwick (ZFS demigod) has Linus Torvalds over for a beer and a bit of a chat...maybe this explains the ZFS portion of this Linux system - then again it just may be poor journalism :-)

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