back to article Credit crunch hitting IT mergers

Spending on technology mergers and acquisitions fell by one third compared to the same three months of last year from $58bn to $37bn. Big deals suffered even more than smaller ones - there were only six deals worth more than $1bn between July and September, compared to 11 in the same period last year and 22 such deals in the …


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Most of the M&A activity seemed to be more about earning the advisors a nice fee than actually mergin two complementary businesses.

There has been far too much competition taken out of the market by all the mergers that took place over the last 20 years, and it took years for many of the companies to recover.

Good riddence to the lot of them.


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Was taking out too much diversity and positioned companies for the short term not the long term.

It encouraged one trick ponies, and it certainly didn't do the people creating the technology any good, it just encouraged cutting of corners with a layer of sickly marketing icing to be but on the top of anything.

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