back to article Dell Latitude E6400 14in business laptop

Dell supplied us with a Latitude E6400 set up for German use. Appropriate given the laptop's design that seems Teutonic in its slab-like seriousness. The other word it brings to mind is "ThinkPad". Let's have a quick look along the Latitude's straight lines and angles, all free from the fripperies of curves. Like the IBM …


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  1. Elrond Hubbard


    I'm sick of metrosexual laptops crowding the market. My dream laptop would be forged from iron and have BADASS MOTHERFUCKER spelled out in rivets on the lid.

  2. Bronek Kozicki Silver badge

    thinkpad brick?

    Nothing new about this design, really.

    The one with a brick in the pocket is mine.

  3. Ryan

    Just taken delivery of one....

    Its a nice looking laptop.

    Just got to put XP on it and its good to go..

    Mines the one with the XP CD in the pocket..

  4. Hayden Clark Silver badge

    Flimsy screen makes it useless for travelling

    Thinkpad users are used to the Magnesium Alloy screen casing, which makes it amazingly durable. I've seen a few laptops with cracked screens due to being carried in a bag with the power brick and UK plug in the pouch on the front. When the whole thing is crushed (in an overhead locker, for example) the plug presses on the centre of the screen. Only Thinkpads survive this.

  5. Anton Ivanov

    Re: thinkpad brick?

    Actually looking from the side it is more along the lines of early Compaq Armada. In fact it definitely closer to the Armada than to Thinkpad. If it has some of the other Armada properties like being able survive being used as a weapon in a bar brawl, I may even consider revoking the ban on Dell goods in my household.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Wrong price

    It actually starts at £579, not £549, and that's less VAT and delivery. Dell really take the piss with their £57.58 delivery charge. It would be OK if their products were reliable and backed up with competent after sales service, but any idiot (plenty buy Dell) can tell you that's sadly not the case.

  7. Ian Collins
    Thumb Down

    No linux

    Bought one of these at work for myself - but no Linux drivers for network, screen (didn't try hard on that one), wifi - so I gave it away and kept my D620.

    Looks ugly too.

    Keyboard backlight didn't work and after 2 motherboard changes, we told Dell to give us a new one. (not a fault of the laptop design - just a friday afternoon box).

    Might give it another try in a few months time.

  8. Tulio Campregher
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    no DVI

    Why PC manufacturers are still afraid of DVI? if you choose the low res screen, you will need an external monitor. but using the analog VGA connector?

    if it copied most of the features of the Macbook Pro (in black) they might as well steal the rest.

  9. Joe Cincotta
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    M2400 may be more robust

    M2400 is basically the same setup with a higher-end mobile Quadro graphics unit and a third mouse button - but it also has a mag-alloy lid so should be more robust than the Lat'. The price is not too far from the E6400 either. I got the M2400 since it apparently is the only 14" which can drive a 30" external display... mind you - still needs a docking bay to do it!

  10. Mark Aggleton
    Black Helicopters


    This laptop is, after all, aimed at the corporate market so you're unlikely to pay list and your support will be UK rather than Far East based...

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