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Combining a portable DVD player with a digital photo frames sounds like a neat idea. But the two aren’t the best of bedfellows, especially when you equip them with a low-resolution screen. The vast majority of portable DVD players sport a laptop-style clamshell chassis. With the PET723, Philips has abandoned this design. The …


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Don't buy Philips

I bought a Philips portable DVD player (10in screen). Other then the drive being kind of noisy it worked fine... for 2 months. The drive stopped reading discs so I call Philips Canada only to be told I had bought it from an unauthorized dealer (it had a Canadian warranty card) so no warranty. When I asked how much it would cost to have it fixed they told me that they replace them under warranty and don't service them. They have NO parts at all so once the warranty is over go buy a new one.

That kind of service I'd expect from some no-name discount brand. Philips will not be seeing any more of my money!

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