back to article Handango cashes in on Android

Selling mobile applications can be profitable, but the Android Marketplace is only dealing in freebies at launch - so Handango is offering a more familiar route to market that could be essential for the future of Google's platform. Mobile-phone-super-OS Android should realise its first physical embodiment towards the end of …


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Anonymous Coward

Interesting claims

"Desktop operating systems are bought on the basis of the available applications"

Interesting. Here I was thinking that the largest majority sell simply because they come pre-installed when consumers buy PCs. You mean that most consumers actually actively choose their OS on this basis? I need to move to this reality. (Companies are, of course, another matter *cough exchange *cough).

"...and the Open Handset Alliance (nominal owner of Android) is betting that mobile phones are headed the same way"

I certainly hope that mobiles are not going where desktop OSs have been. I much prefer to see desktop OSs go where mobile platforms are now. It's far from perfect, but it would be an improvement.


Never really thought of it before....

....but doesn't Handango sound a bit on the euphemistic side. As in "dancing the tight handango", "conducting oneself in a solo symphony", "armwrestling with John Spambo" or, if I can be a little obtuse for a second, "having a w@nk"????

Ok, ok, I'm leaving...

This topic is closed for new posts.


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