back to article Sony all-in-one PCs get even more iMac-alike

As laptop prices fall, it’s easy to forget that not everyone wants to lug a laptop around – no matter how light it is. Sony has realised this and launched its latest all-in-one slimline desktop. The Vaio JS1 looks like Apple's iMac, meaning the Sony PC's 20.1in screen has everything needed on a computer, such as storage and …


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That keyboard looks like it has slightly less travel than the buttons on my desktop calculator*

And why is there drawer style disc loader? Surely a slot loader would have been more in keeping with the æsthetic?

* OK I don't actually have a desktop calculator; I'm embellishing for effect :o)

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wow, look alike?

The fact that they both have everything behind a screen does not mean it's a look alike ... the keyboard is a look alike, all they did is paint the keys gray!

The casing lacks the design ... I mean, what the heck is that for a stand??? Why are they constantly trying to "hide" the rear of it in their pictures? Maybe because of that awful stand you can see on the first pic (center); so they too think it's awful? However, they are trying to ship it with that? Somebody has done something terribly wrong ...

I agree with bluesxman, no slot loading optical drive kills it!

And I have not even got started on the software ... ;-), no need this time.


At last!

A windoze machine that looks (sort of) like an iMac for all those anti-Apple guys out there. Price? probably in the region of £900 I'd guess. Sony are never cheap. Like Apple.

That's enough - I'll get my coat... it's the one with the apple in the pocket...

This topic is closed for new posts.


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