back to article Microsoft makes 'big' Rosario tools promise

Microsoft claims it will have "nailed" the application lifecycle management (ALM) companion to Visual Studio with the third iteration - Visual Studio Team System 2010, codenamed Rosario - when it ships. Three years after Microsoft debuted VSTS - and was pounded for bugs - Microsoft has said the planned VSTS 2010 will deliver …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    >Microsoft believes VSTS 2010 will have an edge over IBM Rational because the new features work in the background, and do not force you to switch to new tool

    Microsoft believes VSTS 2010 will have an edge over IBM Rational because they've tried to use Clearcase and still can't believe anyone in their right mind uses it.

    Paris, because it's people of her IQ that think Clearcase is useful (heck, even the manuals don't burn well)

  2. The Other Steve

    Source safer ?

    ""This is the big release," Dave Mendlen director of developer tools said. "This is the typical Microsoft [third] release. This is where we feel we nailed it.""

    Which means of course that this is the release where they finally add a feature that everyone has been baying to have integrated into visual studio since version 4, can't believe that MS has never gotten around to and have since bought from third party providers or knocked up in the coding shed of an evening...

    "A feature called Architect Explorer will let you create a zoomable, graphical representation of code."

    Yup, there it is.

    I've never used VSTS, I'm still stuck with the horror of SourceSafe for MS development, though like leprosy, it's OK once you get used it, but I can certainly see that one single feature driving uptake as corporate code monkeys start nagging their managers "It fixes the bugs _and_ it has cool graphics, go on, pleeeaaaaase, we haven't given MS any money for aaaaages! Everyone else will be using it! I'll leaaaaave!!!"

    Good times.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    Third time's the charm

    Windows 3.something was actually usable, kinda, but it couldn't hold a candle to my Mac unless you needed crude color graphics.

  4. Stephen Channell
    Thumb Up

    VSTS was never as bad as the best rational stuff

    Face facts.. some of our developers were still breastfeeding when rational first banged together ClearCase, ClearQuest, Rose & Requisite-Pro. IBM Rational will never bother to dump the legacy until somebody threatens to smack them.. Like them or loath them Microsoft have stirred the waters.

    The *great* thing about VSTS was that it built on top of Sharepoint.. which on its own is a good collaboration tool.

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