back to article Samsung U800 3G mobile phone

It may have some elements of Samsung's Soul chic in its design, but the U800 is an altogether more straightforward affair than that touch-controlled sliderphone. There’s no touch-sensitive pretensions on the U800 - instead it’s a smart-looking though conventionally buttoned candybar with an attractive brushed-steel casing that …


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  1. Christopher D'Souza
    Thumb Down

    Have sent it back because my Sony Ericssom K800 was better

    Maybe it was the fact that it kept asking me if it was OK to proceed after each click of a link in Opera, or maybe I've just become too indoctrinated in to the ways of Sony Ericsson, or perhaps I'm just taking advantage of T-Mobile's 30 day free try before you decide promise, but this phone didn't do it for me.

    Have tried the SE C902, and the K850 as well, but nothing has come close to my K800. Perhaps it's a sign of old age

  2. MrT

    Yup, K800 still better - even if there's a free PS3 with a U800

    K800 - xenon flash, fast auto-focussing, sturdy lens cover, stable software (though the last update removed the joystick from waking the screen)

    K850 - too easy to smash the lens, silly controls, some report software niggles

    C902 - LED flash (c'mon SE, should be xenon with Cybershot), many report software problems, battery life disappoints many as well - lots saying that they expected better after earlier handsets

    U800 - nice look and feel but not a good camera, poorer battery life than K800 when in use, and even though T-Mobile briefly gave away an 80GB PS3 on the £40 contract it's still not enough to convince my better half to commit to it (though she liked the style - if they'd fitted a better camera it might have swayed the deal).

    Still, overall the U800 is not bad - it's just the K800 still has the measure of it and many newer phones from all sorts of manufacturers.

  3. Anonymous Coward


    Utter garbage, anyone can see that. Its not a FruiteePhone (TM) so anyone who buys it is clearly a blinkered FruiteePhone (TM) hater, as this site so clearly is.

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