back to article NPIA extends Holmes 2 agreement

The National Policing Improvement Agency has added three years to its agreement with Unisys for the support of its major crimes enquiry system. It has signed a contract with the company, with a value of up to £12m, to provide support and maintenance under the Holmes 2 Software Supply Enabling Agreement. The agreement, which …


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"...........will now run until September 2011."

".......replacement of Holmes 2, which will need to be delivered within the timescales of the Holmes 2 Enabling Agreement extension. "

Reading those two together, it doesn't take much use of the Crystal Ball to work out that the next massive fingerpointing exercise about time / budget overruns for a government IT project will be over Holmes 3 then.

Note to Civil Service IT procurement types. Learn from your mistakes and stop working on the assumption that throwing a shed-load of cash at a big IT consultancy can make pigs fly.

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