back to article Notebook battery famine set to continue

The world’s largest laptop battery manufacturer has warned that a global shortage of power cells will last three months longer than expected. Simplo Technology Co said makers are failing to increase output fast enough to meet demand. The Taiwan-based firm’s chief financial wonk, Jackie Ding, told Bloomberg yesterday that …


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  1. Ted Treen

    Someone has to say it...

    Shortage of batteries?

    So that's why the charge is increasing...

    Coat & cab please - quick.

  2. Miles Attacca

    Too many thrown where they're never used.

    Why not just make some laptops that don't have a battery at all? Lots of people just buy them because they want more compact computers on their desks. Indeed, lots of desktop-replacement laptops can barely squeeze out an hour when they're actually crunching away as intended.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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