back to article Joost ditches P2P client for the web

Mostly harmless internet TV start-up Joost has decided to abandon its proprietory P2P application in favour of delivering video to browsers. The new Joost will ape iPlayer in the UK and Hulu in the US by serving up telly via a slick interactive website, GigaOm reports. Unlike those big broadcaster efforts, it won't use Adobe's …


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  1. Rick
    Paris Hilton

    When it does pigs will fly

    The RIAA and MPAA and Major network TV will never get it. they are just that STUPID!!! They have this huge coup to get DTV here in the states (which is just the back door they needed to get people to pay to watch TV) and, now they have that why can't they seem to figure out that in this digital age people are more prone to be in front of a desktop pc or laptop then in front of a TV and with that being said they could have some much more with all the interactive crap they try to push during the TV shows...FU**TARDS seem to be in charge maybe when I'm about 60 we might have it by then cause my generation will be in charge...that being said also might not have anything left as well....

    >/Paris cause she knows what people want...

  2. Ash

    What did they expect?

    "Hi, We're a small web based company who wants to start sending out TV broadcasts via P2P tech, but we have no content. Can we have yours, please? We have no real money or advertisers... In fact, we don't have many users! Still, could you just send on all your multi-million pound quality content so we can dish it out for free? Ta very much."

    "Dear Sirs, Regarding to your prior correspondence, we refer you to the reply given in the case of Arkell v. Pressdram."

  3. Anonymous Coward

    "technology Joost has spent millions developing and implementing"

    ... Not so sure on that one....

    I was an invited early tester for the Beta joost, It was a great app, even if the content was old.

    The reason i ditched it was that although they develop it on linux using open source, then ported it to windows to release, they would not even grace linux users with an explanation of why or if ever they would. Also is against the spirit, if not the word of the open source thing.

    It all seemed typically disingenuous of such start ups. Also the content was naff.

    Two really big nails in Joost's coffin.

  4. Rob

    Gotta Laugh

    It seems the people at Joost have lost their head and shoulders up their own arses, destined to fail like any other business where they haven't researched their market.

  5. Brian Miller

    They should fill the gap

    left by stage6.

    They just need to allow users to upload content at a good quality like stage6 did.

    Then they are competing with youtube etc. They don't create or license content, just facilitate video sharing.

    This way they can set up some ineffective policies for getting take down notices served. i.e. have the studios send proof of identity and copies of their documents that prove they hold the licenses for various content. NO electronic copies thanks. originals only, they will be returned within 3 months. These must be sent for each takedown request.

    Thank you for your time......

  6. Dave


    Joost was never about the product, just another showcasing venture, but nobody took the bait on the side of the big Corporations, so their 'clever idea' never got the chance to be integrated into something else. Don't blame them for failing to research the VIEWING market, blame them for failing to research the BROADCAST market.

  7. Richard

    Won't work on iphone/touch then ... unlike BBC iPlayer

    I have Joost my laptop at home .. does not work through my home proxy though (obviously) but when it does work the UI is slick but nil content.

    The BBC iPlayer (streaming) does a great job on Macs, Linux and now my iPod Touch (it limits it to wifi only and The Cloud also appear to block it at the free McDonalds access points at least 8-). The BBC iPlayer also works through a web proxy so I can stream it through my 3G dongle via my home proxy server (gets around the "0non-UK country IP" issue of most UK 3G networks!).

    Without decent content Joost will remain a toy.

  8. Karim Bourouba


    Why would the likes of the BBC et al bother with this when they had their very own services up their collective sleeves?

    Surely the people at Joost had these thoughts before they decided to "revoloutionise" the way we watch TV?

  9. Paul M.

    @ Freetard Rick


    You call people who spend millions making TV shows FU**TARDS because they don't give them away on the internet to companies with zero revenue like Joost?

    Gee, why wouldn't they want to do that? For the same reason you don't stick an eight foot sword through your lungs, maybe?

    Seems like they get it just fine. Only the saddo FR*ETARDs don't.

  10. Aaron Scully

    No Decent Content?

    "...the biggest trouble for Joost remains that it doesn't carry any video worth watching."

    Really? I just had a quick look and it's got Babylon 5 and Lexx, two shows I love. He-Man and She-Ra, cartoons I used to watch as a kid. Looks pretty good so far...

  11. Eric Van Haesendonck

    Problem is they didn't support linux...

    I think the content on Joost was OK (not great but OK).

    The problem is that like many techies (which are prime candidates to be early adopters of that kind of technologies) I use Linux on some of my computers, and they never ported it to that platform.

    In the end I started watching Miro, Vuse and Zattoo more because I have them on all my computers, while Joost is stuck on the Windows machine downstairs. Now I think the last time I started Joost is months ago...

    If this new version is multiplatform maybe I'll give it another try.

    These new venture should have realised by now that the Linux crowd is made of a lot of people ready to try new experimental things like this and are an excellent demographic finding influential early adopters. Even if Linux is only 2% of the market it may easily have been a much bigger part of their first user base.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    RE: @Everyone By Dave

    They should have employed you Dave, they needed someone to point out the bleedin obvious.

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