back to article Carbonite muscles alongside Mozy in Lenovo

According to a report, Lenovo, which picked EMC's Mozy cloud backup for its SL business notebook line, has rejected EMC and picked competing Carbonite cloud backup for its consumer IdeaPad notebooks (Should we believe a single report? The reporting Mass High Tech journal looks solid and it directly quotes Carbonite CEO David …


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  1. Jon Green

    Carbonite - great if you're running Windows

    Let's not forget that Carbonite runs only under Windows (incl. Vista). A solution for the Mac was due "mid-2008", but still hasn't arrived, and there's no sign that it'll ever work for Linux or (non-Apple) BSD users.

    Linux and BSD/MacOS users can use a different solution, using Amazon's S3 storage mounted as a filesystem using "s3fs", plus standard backup tools like BackupPC.

  2. kns2c
    Thumb Down

    Cloudy, as in "shady"

    Carbonite is high on my list of "never do business with" outfits. Their client software was pretty lame, no diagnostic/debugging tools of any sort and very limited control. The automatic file monitoring did not work on folder-mounted NTFS volumes and it took me two weeks of frustrating communication with their customer service to realize that they are useless. I had to send an angry e-mail to the CEO to get my money back. That was a year ago though, might be different now, i.e. they might be ignoring CEO's e-mails now :-)

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