back to article Medion launches mini laptop in UK

Medion has formally launched its entry into the Small, Cheap Computer arena: the MSI Wind-based Akoya Mini E1210. The Akoya sports a 10in, 1024 x 600 display driven by the mini laptop's chipset-integrated Intel GMA 950 graphics core. Intel supplies the CPU too: the standard 1.6GHz Atom N270. It's backed up by 1GB of DDR 2 …


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IT Angle

Oh well.

HDD, not SSD.

3 cell, not 6?

Sentelic touchpad, not Synaptics?




Oh well^2

Seems like most lost the idea about a SCC completly...

What I want...

A bit more rugged design, 4/8/16gb ssd storage and ability to add my own internal usb storage(even if I have to mod it to do so), 8h+ runtime, 7-10" touchscreen display,

tablet form factor with an attachable keyboard(physical connections) and cheap 300eur is the max...

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