back to article Mimosa adds files to archive cocktail

Mimosa, an email archiving software company, is adding file archiving to its NearPoint product, this way striking out on a unified archiving strategy. Once upon a time data protection meant backup to tape. Those simple times seem a long time ago now, with tape backup's front-end restore role and back-end archive role both …


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What happens if...

I send an archiving company all my backup data and one day...

* An admin deletes their entire filesystem?

* Their Hard Disks fail?

* They go titsup?

* They change their service agreement and hold my data to ransom?

* A rogue employee starts selling my confidential information?

I think i'll stick to my trusty tape backup thanks!


RE: What happens if...

If any of the above happens, surely you just re-backup your current live data with someone else and tell your existing lot to piss off?


Boring, Been There, Bought Something a long time ago.......

what they're doing has been done for a number of years now by products such as Symantec Enterprise Vault, EMC DiskXtender and others so this is nothing new to the party El Reg.

when you look at the wider landscape, a number of companies have expanded way past this into MOSS, IM, as well as open storage SDK's/API's so this is a lot of "Me Too" and a little of any interesting new content. still i guess it is good for them to be catching up with long-standing industry trends.


More file types does not make this unified archiving

Mimosa certainly have a competitive email, document and file archiving solution, but it's a stretch to say that they enable a unified archiving strategy. An archiving solution stack that does not provide the ingestion software or platform services to address structured data i.e historical data from databases, data warehouses or log files, is simply not a unified solution. The unified archiving platform nirvana is a single platform, with integrated technologies, that enable the efficient storage, management and search of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. You'd expect vendors in the traditional archiving space to be partnering with the database archiving vendors in the near future to address this challenge and opportunity.

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@Julian Cook

Julian's points are just why we bought the Enterprise Vault product instead of the "me too" vendors. The main point that discriminating buyers purchase is indeed a platform -- flexible, integrated (and integrating) to sources that really matter. After all, archiving has a far wider footprint, and as a Tier-1 application, is not something that a "me too" approach will handle over time. We can archive our SAP and other vendors' DB's just fine thank you very much.

Now I'm sure you could call me slightly biased, but with so many years of success, I'm not going to lose my job with a platform of technology from one of the worlds' largest companies.

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