back to article IBM pitches 'network security' blade server

IBM is rolling out a blade server made to support deep packet inspection tools, so that service providers and other operations can better shield themselves against viruses, denial of service attacks, and, yes, throttle peer-to-peer bandwidth. The BladeCenter PN41 was co-developed by IBM and the service management and security …


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Paris Hilton

LoL Really!

"...Later on, PN41 will offer IP Transition Gateway, which translates IPv6 addresses into their IPv6 counterparts (both forward and back). That software is expected to arrive before the end of the year, according to IBM."

I can do that already in my head! I can also convert IPv4 addressess all the way to IPv4 addressess right in my head too. And MAC addresses to MAC addresses, and...

--Paris, because I work there.

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