back to article iPhone hackers post latest jailbreak tool

The iPhone Dev Team has posted PwnageTool, a revised version of the iPhone hacking utility released yesterday then quickly removed. The earlier release had mis-set file-access permissions, preventing upgraded iPod Touch - the code works with the music player as well as Apple's phone - from retaining Wi-Fi passwords and …


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It works. Seems a lot more stable than the 2.0 firmware I was running - never once had an application crash on opening. Seems snappier to scroll through lists, too.

2G iphones remain unlocked, too: mine's on vodafone... Still no unlock for 3G.

Still crap bluetooth performance with some BMW bluetooth units. For me, it pairs for 10 seconds, drops for 2, pairs for 10 seconds, drops for 2 - rinse, repeat...

Only slight downside is the fragmentation in packaging that has been introduced as we've now got Cydia included next to Installer...

Jobs Horns


Shame theres little point in jailbreaking anymore.

Anyone who can write anymore than 10 lines of mac code is putting any old crap they make on the App Store, in the likely hope that the mugs who use it will buy anything.

And fair play to them, i'd do the same if i could.

So there hasnt been squat on Installer or Cydia for over a month now, anymore than a few summerboard themes.

Still, beats *paying* for a damn firmware update! (in the case of the Touch)

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