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A bit more where-it’s-at functionality has been added into the mix with the W760i - alongside a typical spread of music mobile features, Sony Ericsson has introduced integrated A-GPS for the first time. As part of Sony Ericsson’s first wave of GPS-packing handsets, the W760i has Google Maps software pre-loaded, plus a three- …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
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    Not a bad phone...

    Been using one of these for a few weeks, and it's not a bad phone at all...

    Important to me was its ability to sync with iSync on my Mac, which was easy once I'd installed a plugin from

  2. David
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    These phones are rubbish. I got one on contract a few weeks ago. The menu takes 1/2 second to respond to any button presses. The call quality is terrible, the battery lasts a day, 2 at the most with no use and it will drop signal connection randomly.

    It freezes, requires battery removal to reset and won't keep

    synced with a bluetooth headset.

    O2 are no help. They will replace the phone with the same "refurbished" model, which means i will get someone elses crap. Their other suggestion is to update the software which I cannot do because i don't have a windoze pc.

    I have been a fan of walkman phones for years, they usually have outstanding battery life and software is usually responsive. Ear phones are good quality and the walkman, FM radio functions are second to none.

    This ball of crap however is definitely the worst phone I have owned in a long time and soured my taste for Sony Ericsson in general.

    Stay away.

  3. stan sidlov

    SE's Versatile A2 Platform

    Why not talk about it?

    SE is known as a supporter of UIQ, but it's also a heavy Java supporter. SE's A2 hardware platform which spans the low to mid-high end phones is using SE's JAVA8 OS platform. Many of the phones in this range have similar features and functions just as this reviewed phone.

    My daughter has a Z750a phone. Unbranded in the US it has GPS functions (a older Google/NavTec GPS enabled map application), and works fine with AmAze navigation tool. GPS is a requirement for the US E911, and SE a number of the newer phones have had the chip installed but disabled by the carrier. With headsets it has 'Walkman' mega bass and the same media player as most of the SE phones be they so-called designer or Cybershot or Walkman. The non-US Z750i version has two cameras and can make video calls. Burdened with only a BST-33 battery it just doesn't have enough juice to last more than a day in heavy use, but that could be an incentive to connect it to your PC (to charge) and sync your contacts, calendar and podcasts.

    I'm surprised that the SE RSS Desktop has never gotten more attention. Frankly it is just as functional as you could want, with your favorite news feeds immediately available on the screen, scrolling by and ready to be selected for reading. Configurable to update hourly (or up to weekly) your phone can keep you current with whatever interests you. When browsing if the web page supports RSS, the icon popus up over one of the softkeys, enabling you to easily add the feed.

    The A2/Java8 platform is also compatible (via the SE Media Center software) with podcasts - audio and visual, and audiobooks. For a small upgrade fee you can let it convert any media file format to the phone's native.

    There is available XM satellite subscription software as well as TV streaming applications though currently limited to AT&T branded phones (the software exists).

    Everyone made such a fuss over push email on the iPhone. SE A2/Java8 platform phones have push email too, and are certified compatible with Exchange and iLife. What they are lacking are Java applications to read MS Office attachments that are easily available.

    SE phones all have contact information with multiple addresses and phone numbers per contact. Each phone number can have an independent voice command.

    All newer SE phones have an easy MMS photo blogging widget to

    Though SE has been slow on the UIQ front with updates, the A2 platform has had numerous updates and the while all phones are not getting all the Java8 updates, SE is in the 4th revision. Many firmware updates are available for many SE phones.

    I guess since it doesn't have WIFI and a touch screen, and with M2 micro cards only going up to 8G (most A2 phones will handled 8G cards, but some apps may not report the space accurately), it's just not as important as a phone that you can't change the memory, battery or have copy/paste functions, voice commands, tethering....

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