back to article Microsoft starts stoking hype for Windows 7

Microsoft has told the blogosphere it will reveal more about its next operating system, Windows 7, on 27 October. The vendor has launched an Engineering Windows 7 blog, which contains scant detail of the planned OS, presumably in the hope of whetting the appetite of Windows lovers ahead of two “significant events” where it …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    Isn't that when the next Ubuntu comes out - HAHAHAHHA

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Peas and rice!!!

    Perhaps Microsoft would be better off considering the problem that users don't necessarily want to change systems every couple of years just to keep Microsoft's shareholders happily rich, but would prefer instead for Microsoft to concentrate on getting what they already have working the way people want it to.

    Yes, there are those out there that will buy whatever Microsoft pump out, on the day, whatever the price, but they are but a part of the entire user base, and even they are getting a bit browned off by the problems, both real and perceived (and possibly imagined, but that's Microsoft's own fault for releasing code that is unfit for use every single time they put a new version out... Windows 3.0 anyone? Windows 95? Windows 98 FE? Pre-SP1 Windows XP?).

    There's a reason why so many cling to XP, W2K and W98SE. When a user finally has a system that works, what is the point of changing it?

  3. Alexis Vallance
    Gates Horns

    Need something new

    I think MS needs to do an Apple. v7 needs to be Vista, but fixed, in the same way Snow Leopard will be Leopard, but improved.

    Go back to basics, throw out stuff that doesn't work and simplify.

    Then strip it down to two versions - home and business - and sell it cheap.

  4. b
    Thumb Down

    arg! not more m$ cr@p?!

    oh goody another pointless M$ os!

    i'm stickin' with XP for the forseeable future..even then i strip it right back to look like w2k anyway!

    is SP3 ok now, can we apply that?



    stuff and nonsense:

  5. Mountford D

    Rehashing the old joke

    Presumably one can apply the old joke where Bill Gates stands before God and is shown a video clip of Heaven where there are serene people mostly doing nothing and another clip of Hell where there is seemingly a party going on, full of booze, good music and beautiful people having a good time. When asked whether he prefers to go to Heaven or Hell for eternity, he picks Hell, only to find it is full of nasty, horrible things. He unhappily complains to God and asks where the party and beautiful people are, only to be told that the clip was merely a demo.

  6. Tawakalna
    Gates Horns

    crash landing

    oh, good one! :)

  7. John Angelico
    Gates Horns

    Gee, truth in pre-advertising? From MS?


    “Our intent with Windows 7 and the pre-release communication is to make sure that we have a reasonable degree of confidence in what we talk about when we do talk.”


    Does this constitute an admission that previous efforts have been marked by failure to engage brain before placing mouth into gear?

    As Prof Sumner-Miller was wont to say "Who'd-a-thunk it?"

    Could be time to change the BillyG pic for a chair in mid-air.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Based on the Vista kernel

    Microsoft would be smart if they would stop mentioning or using the word Vista in anything they say. Admitting that Windows 7 uses the same kernel as Vista is not a good way to start. Bottom line is many people want a leaner coded OS without the deep embedded DRM. Allot of businesses are waiting for windows 7. They will be disappointed to see its more of the same under a different disguise.

  9. Kwac
    Paris Hilton


    “Our intent with Windows 7 and the pre-release communication is to make sure that we have a reasonable degree of confidence in what we talk about when we do talk.”

    e.g. "My daughter can run Vista without anti-virus software"

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    "reasonable confidence in what we talk about ”

    I can't remember that happening since Cutler last talked about NT, which was what, 15 years ago?

  11. Fluffykins Silver badge


    Make it run without needing a Cray

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton


    Windows 7 - living proof that you actually CAN polish a turd!

    That's "living" as in the good Doctor Frankenstein standing over something tied to the bed, drenched in blood & waving his hands in the air shouting "IT'S ALIVE...!" - in just the same way I presume that Windows 7 will come alive as soon as the hurricane season ramps up the power of the lightning bolts...

    Paris - because she is usually the one tied to the bed & it has probably been far too long since someone last electrocuted her...

  13. Jodo Kast

    XP Forever

    XP Media Center 2005 is great. Vista Ultimate is horrible.

    I'll reserve judgement, but Microsoft is clearly PWNED by the media companies.

    You know, the ones who are too ignorant to start their own iTunes? The ones who know how to destroy services, not create them?

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    After Windows 7

    You should know that after Windows Seven, we will finally have Windows Hate ;-)

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Codename should be TITANIC

    Because we all know that windows is unsinkable. Don't we?

    Seriously, they'd do better by promoting something that works and is trustworthy, like XP. Rather than something that is rustworthy, like vista.

  16. Anonymous Coward

    Steven Sinofsky still has a job?

    I'm surprised ths guy still has a job after being personally responsible for the 'Windows Capable' debacle, when he made critical decisions without involving his boss Jim Alachin who subsequently lost his job as a result.

  17. amanfromMars Silver badge

    The Fog of Blogs ...... for Hidden Codes

    "We, as a team, definitely learned some lessons about “disclosure” and how we can all too easily get ahead of ourselves in talking about features before our understanding of them is solid. Our intent with Windows 7 and the pre-release communication is to make sure that we have a reasonable degree of confidence in what we talk about when we do talk." .....

    Always a Good Plan otherwise it's just a Spout of Nonsensical GBIrish rather than a Font of NeuReal Wisdom. The Best Plan though is always to have the Source doing the Talking, especially if something is a still a bit Purple Hazey/Cloudy.

    "We know the ins and outs of blogging and expect to have fun, provide great information, and also make a few mistakes." .... I bet you say that to all the boys and girls, E7.:-)

    I wonder if they know that Blogging can Render every Hidden Secret, right to an Operating System's Core, which is maybe probably definitely why we have this Mutual Initiative. Bravo, Engineering Windows 7. I'll show you mine and you can show me yours .. and may the best Algorithm Win Win is a SMART Novelty.

    Oh dear..... Does that mean that Partner/Competition Purchase ...Ye olde Windows E3 [Embrace, Extend and Extinguish] is no longer a Fast Track Option to Instant Obscene Obscured Wealth? How very disappointing :-).... Ah well, I suppose that just Opens up the Field Nicely to the Competition.

  18. James O'Shea Silver badge
    Dead Vulture

    re anti-virus

    _Anyone_ can run Vista without anti-virus software.

    Just not for long.

  19. Anonymous Hero
    Paris Hilton

    @AC - Peas and rice!!!

    "Perhaps Microsoft would be better off considering the problem that users don't necessarily want to change systems every couple of years"

    Could be worse, ubuntu seems to have a release every time I fart. At least MS support older versions for 10 yrs or so, unlike like most linux distros I could mention.

    Paris, 'cos she enjoys a good release.

  20. Mark

    couldn't care less

    I'm not part of their "army" of customers who "care deeply about windows" anymore, in fact I couldn't give a monkey's, as I've been using Ubuntu at home for over a year and I'm quite happy with it. Good riddance to Microsoft! Even when I come to buy a new PC it's good to know you can get them without Windows on now.

  21. Avi

    Let's go in the right direction this time...

    A newer OS should, aside from anything else, perform the same job as its predecessor on the same hardware, better and/or quicker.

    When you've got that nailed, by all means go about adding optional silly UIs and card games that need graphics acceleration...

  22. JasonW


    It won't need *a* Cray - it'll need at least 3

  23. Julian Cook
    Gates Horns


    so this is an announcement about an announcement

  24. keith

    windows ah yes

    if microsoft do everything right and get windows 7 perfect as it can be better than vista and better than xp then im upgraing to it. untill that time unless i see some results microsoft im sorry guys but im sticking to xp for a few more years if i see good reviews on windows then i might get it but if i get more bad revierws then im sorry i dont mind buying microsoft stuff but not if its going to be like vista am memory hog and application compatibility issues

  25. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    Windows 7 ...

    If they get this one wrong they'll be supporting windowsXP for another 7 years and their market share will continue to be eaten away.

    Effectively Windows 7 = Vista 2 = a second chance

    If they can pull off what they did from Win98 to WinXP, they'll be in with a fighting chance of clawing back disgruntled users.

    Until then, it's winXP, or switch to Mac / Linux - or use all three ;)

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    MS OS without antivirus???? heretic!!!!!!

    e.g. "My daughter can run Vista without anti-virus software"

    ...why, wouldn't that be another operating system that works. To be honest MS are a victim of their own success, if they dont produce then it becomes old and their market share begins to fall, hence the rise of Linux and Apple (though, to be honest I think Steve Jobs would sell his soul to be in Bill Gates position really).

    Is the future in the OS W7 or Leopard where we have to buy all new kit as the stuff here and now is "below"* minimum spec?

    Personally I would like to see the cloud computing become more than what it is and connect to my pc anywhere in the world, I would never have to update it and worry about the antivirus or trojans masses that are released with regularity (funny that, isnt it, how rather than fix the problem microsoft left it open to exploit by other companies and themselves).

    Yes I know your thinking PC Anywhere/Citrix or what about my p0rn, I dont want to have it somewhere where I can possibly get caught or how much storage can I have...

    How about I pay £50 and I have a license and I never have to worry about buying the most expensive pc or waste time fixing the damn thing.

    Do I need the latest pc and version of whatever OS to look at a document or spreadsheet... Do I need to play games on the pc when the Xbox/Wii is more fun anyway, cant I just get terabyte storage for everything I have and look at it with any device I want to at home or on a light powerful laptop that I dont have to worry about it going out of date in 2 months have a my.

    Its hardly like the technology doesnt exist, we've only being using it for the past 60 years but I guess that it better to know that you've wasted part of your life doing some mundane task in work to go buy the next installment of crap (in reference of Vista) they produce!

    Its like allowing the Music Corporations to choose what standard and media they want to allow on the market, mp3's would never exist and your mobile ringtone would be DRM enabled and last for 50 rings before have to pay for it again (actually that's a great idea to stop all those stupid ringtones)!

    Anyway, its Friday and I've spent the week fixing crap Vista on laptops and now the hard drive has failed, time to drop it out of the 5 floor window and claim the warranty!

    Its heading back to mainframes!

    * as per marketing directives

    Paris cause if your gonna get screwed you might as well enjoy it!

  27. Anonymous Coward

    A fisting vista on Vista

    I hate to be one of those who've had no problems with Vista at all - given that many are intent on punting their foot right up the backside of the latest Gates/Ballmer installation - but it's true. It looks nice; it plays games; I've had no problems.

    However checking my CPU temperature, I found that Vista runs at about 5 to 10C hotter than Ubuntu. Work than one out!

  28. Peter


    Maybe they'll agree that Vista was just a beta version and give Vista-buyers the "final" version for free. Not likely, knowing MS.

    The only way that people will pay money for it is if MS did what Apple did and built a new system on a new base. But we know they're not doing that. So this is just the same sausage, churned a bit more.

  29. Anonymous Coward


    So windows 7 ... is it really 7?

    Early years

    3.11 for workgroups

    NT 4

    ... so 3 + 4 is 7 already, but MS is not counting like that.

    Win 95

    Win 98

    Win 2000

    Win ME

    Win XP

    Win Vista

    then comes 7 (?????), no wonder excel cant count, and that is not including sub divisions like 98 SE and Vista crap, crapper and super crap.

    I do wonder if MS can make an OS that is functional against it's own spec since they have been trying for at least 10 versions so far.

    How about some transparency in naming os the OS's, that would be a good start!

    Oh yeah and just how many versions of Ubuntu and OSX are likly to come out in the time between MS press releases, let alone software releases.

  30. Anonymous Coward

    "Windows lovers" ?????

    I think Windows toleraters is more accurate.

  31. theyellowbear

    How fitting...

    In the article, you state; "But expectations are rising that it will make a crash landing in the second half of 2009." Doesn't Windows almost always make a Crash Landing when it is released?

  32. Ken Hagan Gold badge
    IT Angle

    Re: err?

    "so this is an announcement about an announcement"

    Yep! You know your company is really going down the tubes when your marketing people start hyping the next hype.

    IT icon, because this whole piece clearly has *no* IT content whatsoever.

  33. Snert Lee

    Mix it up

    The ideal solution for Windows 7 would be Vista gadgets and eye candy on top of XP. After all, they could easily say XP is the most thoroughly tested OS on the planet. But what'll probably happen is a different default color scheme with Aeroglass turned off which they'll then trumpet as being 2.7% faster than Vista.

    I don't think I'd mind Vista so much if it didn't spend the majority of its increased resource requirements on treating me like a copyright pirate. Dump the DRM and all the internal data encryption and there might become fun to use.

  34. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Oh really, are they coming out with windows 7 and is it going to be just as shit as the last release ?

    When they completely kill windows and come up with something new that does not need a nuclear reactor for power can someone please wake me up then.

    Snooze icon

  35. Danger Mouse


    “We, as a team, definitely learned some lessons about ‘disclosure’ and how we can all too easily get ahead of ourselves in talking about features before our understanding of them is solid"

    Talking about features before understanding them, do they mean the marketing department tell the engineers what features Windows should have?, if so I think we've finally found the problem at Micro$haft, marketing department led engineering, ohhhh it can't be good.

    However, keep it up Micro$haft, I'm going to earn another small fortune rolling out Windows 7 for customers, then another fortune applying the patches to fix the thing.

    (Mines the one with the black AMex card in the pocket)

  36. jp morgan


    Can M$ shoot themselves in the foot some more? They are just asking to overtaken by Linux. Unfortunately, this gives those douchebag apple users a leg up.

  37. Watashi

    Spinning the argument

    Ye Gads - learning lessons, taking responsibility and being more transparent? Has Redmond been annexed by New Labour?! ?

    How long after the launch of their next OS before we see pretty, middle-aged female spokespersons explaining how Windows 7 is only unpopular because M$ 'didn't win the argument', how they 'didn't explain clearly enough' how good the product is and how they are now 'listening', 'learning hard lessons' and 'having a public debate' with consumers.

    It's now becoming a classic method of revisionist excuse making; our product is failing because people don't understand how good it is. Better to believe your own hype than face up to the fact that you're sh*t and the only reason everyone sticks with you is because your opponents are either arrogant, elitist ars*holes or amateurish fringe types with no clue about running a country... err running an operating system.

  38. Peter Richard

    LZ 129

    It's named Windows 7, so that they can deep 6 the previous version, when it comes out. Of course by the time it does comes out, they have stuffed it to the size of a Zeppelin with lock-in protocols for cloud computing and cloud sailing.

  39. marc
    IT Angle

    There's nothing actually wrong with Vista

    It's absolutely fine. I'm running Visual Studio, Netbeans and Rad Studio along with Office and SQL Server Express. Not had any problems on this laptop.

    it's just a media /perception thing, kind of like the current state of the Labour party.

    I used Ubuntu for a while, but got fed up when I had to restart the Window server every time I miss typed my WEP key/specified it as the wrong type of key.

    Apple make you upgrade to get the new version of Java, something Sun don't charge for. Oh, and you need to buy a new OS every 2 years to get the latest Safari. Microsoft still produce a web browser for the OS the was released in 2001. Apple only go back as far as OS X 10.4.

    Vista is not as bad as most of the sheep on here think

    Microsoft's slogan should be "Try it, You'' Love it". Or is that taken?

  40. Jonathan McColl
    Gates Horns

    @ jeremy's transparency

    No, MS can count, but they've been running two streams:

    Personal: Win 3, Win 95, 95 OSR2 (=96), 98, 98 2nd ed (=99), ME (=2000, cos they couldn't merge it with NT like they thought, but had already handed over the year number)

    Network: NT3, NT4, Win 2000 (= NT5), XP or 2002 (=NT6), Windows 7 hooray in 2010 (=NT7)

    I remember when Win 95 was launched, the advertising told us we'd never need another Windows OS because they'd issue patches forever hahahahahahahahahahaha

  41. Praedor Atrebates

    I have a suggestion for MS

    I suggest that MS create a core/kernel to their operating system with a bunch of modular libraries. When critical updates or security fixes come up, users could do something like download could suffix them with something like "rpm" or the like. They would install and there would rarely ever be a need to reboot (again and again and again).

    If some new feature or app appeared that was simply a "must have", they could make sure it is based on a set of general, shared libraries (all in this "rpm" or similar format). Then, instead of buying a whole new OS, you just keep installing/updating these "rpm" (or similar) thingies! The only time one would ever need to buy a OS would be when the kernel or core underwent a major revision. There would be no reboots, no yearly race to the store to buy yet another largely redundant OS with only slight modifications in it to "justify" an entire new purchase, and everyone would be happier.

  42. Henry Wertz Gold badge

    Versions, article correction

    @jeremy & Jonathan

    NT3 is 3 (nobody used it basically..), NT4 is 4, 2000 is NT5, XP is 5.1, Vista is 6. If you go to a command prompt and run "ver", it'll say version 5.1.(bunch of digits) for XP for instance. (bunch of digits) might change depending on service pack.

    A correction to "Microsoft has continued to insist that Windows 7 won't be available to customers until the start of 2010. But expectations are rising that it will make a crash landing in the second half of 2009." I'd say it's more like "Microsoft wants to start rumors it'll crash land in the second half of 2009." They've ALWAYS said new versions are coming out artificially early, to try to get anyone who doesn't like the CURRENT version of Windows to decide "well, the next one's coming shortly."

  43. IGnatius T Foobar
    Black Helicopters

    Windows will ALWAYS SUCK

    Microsoft has no possibility of "getting it right" or they would have done so by now. They are irrevocably committed to operating systems that thoroughly and completely suck. Windows 7 will be Windows, which means it will suck.

    The other problem is that Microsoft is driven by its own needs for mega-money and mega-monopoly, not by the needs of computer users. Sometimes those needs overlap, but not always. Microsoft will continue to force unwanted technologies down its users' throats (no one wants Silverlight but you're getting it anyway!) while kissing the collective arses of RIAA/MPAA goons.

    Switch to Linux. Switch *now* and don't look back. Windows 7 will suck, guaranteed.

  44. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Vista kernel?

    Oh fuck!

  45. Hany Mustapha
    Dead Vulture

    @ Jonathan McColl - who can't count?

    Jonathan - you forgot Vista!

    NT 3

    NT 4

    NT 5 = Win 2K

    NT 5.1 = Win XP (check it - type ver at an XP command prompt!)

    NT 6 = Vista

    NT 7 = Windows 7

    Pedants of the world unite!

  46. Jonathan McColl

    @Henry Wertz and version versions

    Sorry--you're right and that's what I intended to say but must've had an attack of something. What I did say is a perfect example of Muphry's Law: when you correct someone else you will include a mistake of your own.

  47. jason

    Unfortunately for MS they are being screwed not by XP but by NT4.

    MS need to bring out a new OS in the next couple of years as Vista has got stung in the corporate upgrade cycle.

    Corporations usually install an OS then skip the next one and so on.

    So a firms that went with NT4 would have skipped 2000 and gone to XP. They will now mostly skip Vista and rollout the next one.

    Firms that went with 95 would have gone to 2000 and will be looking at rolling out Vista quite probably (though many would probably be planning with XP).

    Unfortunately a lot of firms went with NT4. Whoops.

  48. Richard

    Windows 7 lol

    Not another one...

    It feels great to be free and use my computer how I want to use it

    Tux because Linux rules for me since 2004 and never looking back

  49. Henry Wertz Gold badge

    Re: Ubuntu

    @Jonathan *shrug* Yeah, I know exactly what you're talking about, I've done it from time to time 8-)

    Regarding first post, heh -- Ubuntu'll have *3* more releases out by the time Windows 7 comes out... IF it comes out in late 2009 (hah!) Ubuntu version is year.month BTW, I didn't relize this at first.. So 6.06 was released June 2006. 6.06 was 2 months late (i.e. it "should" have been 6.04); 6.10, 7.04, 7.10, and 8.04 have come out since then. I wasn't impressed by 6.06. 7.04 was MUCH nicer. By 7.10 they finally had it so I think non-Linux user could set everything up without help (monitor resolution of all things, and nice printer setup, were the last two things needed for this to happen). 8.04 made quite a few nice tweaks, and added the desktop effects for some bling (among many other improvements). What do 8.10, 9.04, and 9.10 have in store? I don't know but I think Windows 7 is in for a hell of a fight.

  50. yeah, right.

    and you're helping them.

    So Microsoft is about to announce another shafting? I'm so glad the the Reg is there to help them along as they fleece the sheep for yet another round. Starting with helping them fan the hype for their next set of sheep shears.


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