back to article US Air Force halts plans to establish a Cyber Command

The US Air Force has suspended plans to build a provisional unit designed to make it the dominant service in cyberspace. According to NextGov, top Air Force officials put an immediate halt to the establishment of a Cyber Command, which had been scheduled to be operational by October. Development will now be delayed until new …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Horns

    Done Deal

    > "One USAF colonel has gone so far as proposing the service build its own botnet to mount massive denial-of-service counterattacks on adversaries that attack US networks first."

    They already have - it's called Microsoft Windows, replete with NSA backdoor.

  2. Matt

    That, and the nasty habit losing Nukes...

    If I heard the radio right, just in the past few days the USAF just received it's new, permanent command general following the firing of the civilian & military bosses after the two incidents of flying armed nukes over the continental U.S. (without realizing it...) and the nuke fuse that ended up in Okinawa or somewhere way were it shouldn't have been.

    Anyway, my guess is he's put a halt to all the peripheral stuff until they can get the basic SOPs clicking again.

    Oh, and with the guns of August once again sounding in the distance, figuring out how to fight a two front war against Iran and Russia. Because God, and every other sentient being, knows Bush, McCain, and Obama are all fully capable of stumbling into it.

  3. Herby Silver badge

    So this is why Vista runs so slow...

    ...they already did it (as noted above). Maybe that is why the government doesn't anyone to use Linux. Of course, it could be incorporated in the BIOS code, but that might be more difficult for Microsoft to do!

  4. Flocke Kroes Silver badge
    Black Helicopters

    Quick: Lock up McKinnon

    If the US build Skynet, they will have to find ways to prevent it from being used against them:

    1) lock up everyone capable of looking for accounts with empty or simple passwords.

    2) publish some fake UFO reports to keep conspiracy theorists busy.

    I am not sure why the US bothers with armed forces. They should just threaten to sue anyone who attacks them.

  5. Aeternus

    More difficult indeed...

    ... since most BIOSses are integrated in the far east. In countries like Taiwan and... China?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters


    Microsoft don't have anything to do with your BIOS...

    Also, I wonder what sort of software and hardware they'll be using... you think they'll have guys sat at computer terminals, or a full 3D VR representation of the internet?

    Stick a cable in the back of some of the more major routers worldwide and you could harvest vast amounts of data to help create a coherent picture of what's happenning in the virtual world!

    Actually, with a decent way of visualising the data and said hookup to those more major routers you could manipulate the data as it went along very simply.

    Ah, t'would be great to have that sort of access...

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters


    ... and other "vendor" code is on every system, isn't optional and is rarely (if ever) vetted. That's quite some potential for mischief!

  8. Al
    Black Helicopters

    The Yanks attacking in cyberspace? G_d help us all....

    With their record for 'friendly fire' attacks, how long before sites in the UK get shut down in error.

    We're doomed. Doomed!

  9. Abbro56

    No need to worry...

    about "friendly fire" until we are done shooting ourself in the foot.

  10. Anonymous Coward


    "...before sites in the UK get shut down in error..."

    It's already started - AOL have been blocking our email for years.

    "Subdomain? What's a subdomain?"

  11. James Monnett

    @ AC

    Why bother with a cable when a few lines of code can make the server send you all it knows, and modify it any way you please, using someone ELSE's cable.

    Make the otehr Sod by the hardware.

  12. Jesse

    OMG a serious post?

    The DOD needs to make a new branch specifically for cyberwarfare if they deem it necessary (aside from the NSA).

    That said, why doesn't the NSA just handle it? Or do we need a specific command complete with Media Relations officers so that dipshit Americans can be assured their data is safe via canned statements?

  13. David Eddleman

    Re: Done Deal

    Oh what a conspiracy theorist. I bet you think that Majestic 12 are real and there's alien research going on at Area 51.

  14. Duffy
    Black Helicopters

    America already has cybercommand aside from NSA

    The secret service is now responsible for "civilian" internet protection along with Homeland Security and the Justice Department (trust me, I'm not feeling safe or secure).

    Defense Secretary Gates had long been demanding the Air Force to do more in today's fighting (building/fielding drones, sending boots on the ground to help fight) instead of focusing on stealth fighters and satellites.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    @David Eddleman

    Not that good at spotting bait, are you?

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  17. jay margo
    Black Helicopters

    @ Herby

    It IS "being incorporated in the BIOS code."

    The recent theft of a client's computer, and its subsequent appearance on my remote support dashboard, lead me to speaking with the police investigator, who asked me to install "Computrace/Lojack for Laptops" through the remote client.

    He then tells me that most newer machines from Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc already have “Computrace/Lojack” on the BIOS, and it only takes the service tag number and a simple call from the local sheriff/constable to turn it on. No NSA/MI5 involvement required.


    Where's your Linux security now, Moses?

  18. Zmodem

    like nipple sheilds

    a website running on a box in the corner of a basement cant affect a countries security. especially when the military can have its own personal 2 way satalite for a WAN to communicate with bases around the planet. which is probaly what the GPS sat it

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