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Shhh. Don't tell anyone but IBM has announced its XIV extremely scalable storage system, the one acquired with the XIV purchase earlier this year, the one with the technology designed by Moshe Yanai, the originator of EMC's Symmetrix. Is there an IBM press release? No. There's just an IBM web page describing the "IBM XIV …


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storage for the lazy

I love these kind of announcements. They all give the impression that you're buying an infinitely sized bit-bucket. Just toss your data in and walk away: it'll be stored, managed, backed-up, snapshotted, mirrored and replicated. You don't have to think about anything - just write the cheque and tell the nice delivery man where you want it delivered.

Sadly, it never works like that. A disk is a disk, is a disk. They're still just spinning platters: you can only access each one so many times in a second. Need faster access? simple, just slap in more cache and watch as the law of diminishing returns dips into your wallet for increasingly large expenditure for increasingly minor gains.

Decide you want to reorganise the whole mess, after months or years of unplanned operations? Too bad. The time it will take to back up the array (and possibly restore it if things go bad) is longer than your maximum permitted downtime: usually a weekend. Of course, you can always buy another one and learn from your mistakes.

Ultimately, there's no substitute for knowing your applications. For getting reliaible forecasts of business growth. For having talented staff who appreciate the shortcomings and can exploit the benefits. However, since most companies don't have these things, they get into a situation where lack of money spent on attracting, retaining and training good people is spent many times over buying in the promise of technology to fix the problem for them.


Re: storage for the lazy

Quote: Decide you want to reorganise the whole mess, after months or years of unplanned operations?

Did you just notice the two chaps in suits from IBM Global Services trying to express a database problem in IBMerese at the door? I thought you did not...

Me coat... The one with "Though shalt not misquote Dijkstra in vain" on the back



Yeah, but you still do need the disk, however many wonderful staff you have.

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