back to article Recycled PCs despoil developing world

The Mail on Sunday has run an expose on secondhand computers tipping up in Ghana, in which the intrepid reporter obtained an NCR PC containing National Health Service patient data. Worse, much worse, is the picture the article paints of PCs being sent to the developing world for supposed recycling, as opposed to re-use. The Mail …


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  1. Rich

    We need to go deeper than that!

    Personally I think all manufacturers of all goods should have more responsibility on recycling the products they make. We need to have a country wide system in place not a county wide. All products should be stamped on each material used for the packaging and product. Manufacturers of electronics/white goods should have the means to recycle old/faulty products or do the research involved so that a 3rd party knows exactly how to recycle the products.

  2. tony trolle

    75 pounds

    they can get 75 pound for a old bit of kit you and I would give away.

    Oh shit we did.

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