back to article IBM opens supercomputer tools for ordinary rocket scientists

IBM has marked the tenth anniversary of its commitment to Linux by going nuclear on high-performance computing. A decade after the computing giant released its first compiler for Linux, a seemingly minor move back then that led to a major strategic endorsement down the line, IBM has released its first package of open-source …


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Ordinary Rocket Scientists? Are you MAD?*

"IBM's vice president of deep computing Dave Turek said in a statement the stack was based on the company's experience keeping large-scale systems "running like clockwork". He said there's a need for software to manage larger systems, as more computing tasks migrate to "supercomputer-style clusters"."

On a very serious note, would that Management Software Need of Larger Systems be a Prime Candidate for a House of Orange/Orangerie Feed with a Gallic Teutonic Twist for Astute SuperSubAtomic NEUKlearer ProgramMIng?

* Ordinary like a Veyron? Rave On.


lin us

"Used to conduct sophisticated cause-and-affect studies on financial markets"

Guess they were "right-on-the-money" on that last call....

and the tin man said "If I only had a brain!"

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