back to article Motorola hires Jha to get handset biz out of a pickle

Motorola has finally found a new CEO for its ailing handset division, after tempting Sanjay Jha away from mobile chip giant Qualcomm. Jha takes also picks up the title co-CEO of Motorola, alongside Greg Brown, who will also head up its Broadband Mobility Business. Normally any hint of democracy at the top of a company spells …


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We'll that's about it for Moto then

They have Windows Mobile, Symbian MotoMAGX (aka Linux Java) and P2K.

Windows mobile is fine but expensive and needs a fast phone.

P2K is so old and broken it is unusable

Linux has spent the last four years being a year from being ready and still is with no timescale for an open version. What they have is memory hungry and slow.

Symbian is the only expandable, mid-range OS they have.

How keen do you think an ex-Qualcomm person will be to an OS owned by Nokia?

They should have given the $70m package (it is that much) to Ryan Block off Engadget.

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