back to article MS springs patent complaint on Taiwanese mouse vendor

Microsoft yesterday filed a patent infringement complaint against a Taiwanese computer peripherals vendor after talks on a licensing agreement for mouse technology stalled. The software giant said that over the past few years it has made “repeated attempts” to strike a licensing deal with Primax Electronics Ltd, which …


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False Moves and Bank Runs/Credit Transfers

"ITC, whose case details against "the proposed respondent" Primax can be viewed here, protects US markets from unfair trade practices. It also has the authority to block imports of products found to infringe US patents."

Come in Uncle Sam, your Spin Time is up.

One has to laugh and/or smile serenely at the arrogance in that statement, given the very recent Trade negotiation failure in Geneva.

In the Great Game Game is such a Move, without Firm Foundation and Intellectual Rigour, a NoNo, and incurs AI Costly Punitive Penalty.

And the Egghead Boffin because they are Much SMARTer Hosts in AIdDominant CyberSpace.


Microsoft settles IE patent dispute with Vertical Computer Systems Inc.

Vertical Computer Systems Inc. (VCSY) settled the patent infringement claim that it initiated in federal court against Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), according to a document filed Friday with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Under a confidential settlement agreement, the company said it granted Microsoft a non-exclusive, fully paid-up license under the patent which was the subject of the legal proceeding. No further details of the settlement was provided in the filing.

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