back to article Nintendo left sweating over dodgy chargers

Only last week Trading Standards warned UK punters that dangerous third-party chargers were flooding the market. But now the problem’s afflicting Nintendo and the videogame giant’s issued a warning. Nintendo_charger_01 Nintendo's warned gamers of dodgy third-party console chargers The company’s UK division has warned that …


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Anonymous Coward

Charger per country?

They should be brought to task for providing chargers that are not country independent. The picture for the "UK" charger shows 230v so that means if you take your toy abroad, after all it is a Lite supposed to be mobile, you will need to purchase a different Nintendo branded charger for the other countries.

Most PSUs today are 110-240v so theirs should be.

On the other hand if the chargers worked in every country people would buy from the cheapest supplier and not necessarily that in Rip Off Britain (ROB).

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