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Toshiba has expanded its Camileo camcorder range with a pocket-sized model, perfect for anyone concerned about portability and price. Toshiba_camcorder_H10 Toshiba's Camileo H10: small and handy The H10 model supposedly sports an “attractive palm-shaped design,” which is…erm…handy, and weighs in at a pocketable 340g. So, …


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Launch trajectory

Lets hope it comes to market when they say it will, unlike the Camileo Pro HD which:

- Looked really good for the money

- Was announced all over the place including The Reg.

- I got all excited about because it looked like it would be a nice toy and I wanted it yesterday

- Appeared about a month later than it was meant to

- Never actually appeared on Toshiba's website.

- The reviews were eventually not entirely kind to.

- I had given up on by the time it was on sale.

- Has apparently now been discontinued, just a few months after going on sale.

- Looked like a rebadged Aiptek, although different sites had pictures of various completely different products.

Fingers crossed for a better product launch and a bid of quality HD moviemaking fun?

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