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Stick the word concept before a product name and you’ve got yourself an instant excuse for craziness. Well, the concept Alien Mouse is no exception. alien_mouse The four-part Alien Mouse: comfy This four-section mouse is designed with ergonomics in mind and designer Mizanur Rehman claims that his Alien Mouse “is the …


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Paris Hilton

Ultimate mouse promises near-ultimate pleasure...

"A vibration motor’s even built into the mouse so that users have the pleasure of small pulses as they click their way around the screen." Eager users, of course, are planning other uses for the vibration.


Paris because she's really eager for the appearance.


freestanding mice are inherently inferior

... to anyone who touch-types and doesn't want to move hands off the home row. The only kind of mouse I can use without being constantly annoyed is a keyboard-integrated one like the IBM Trackpoint.

Since different people use computers in different ways, there won't be any universal (or even widespread) agreement on what constitutes a good, much less "ultimate", mouse design anyway.

Some people might well like this controller. I'd hate it.

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