back to article Google eats Russkie ad firm

As it plays catch-up in the Russian search market, Google will acquire a seasoned Russian ad firm for $140m in cash. In Russia, according to those wily net watchers over at comScore, native outfit Yandex is the leading search engine, with over 47 per cent of the market, and Google is a distant second, with about 32 per cent. …


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Another court case from M$

Going by recent events, I expect M$ to be moaning like hell about this. The question for M$ is why didn't you get there first?

Anonymous Coward

I wonder if they will move Google HQ

into the Kremlin.

Google's winter palace.

In some ways Google is taking over the world, their ability to predict anything that goes on before anyone else can predict it will be substantial, this is the corporation to rule them all.

"I care not who makes a country's money, just as long as I control its flow of information."


There can only be 2 reasons that I can see.

Eye eye.

(Sorry about that. K Melleon seems to think my last missive had an excellent title, worthy of recycling.

Eat that IE.) ((I love this browser BTW.))

Meanwhile, cloaked in secrecy the big question is

> The question for M$ is why didn't you get there first?

And the answer is: They did.

Why do you think half the superpwned all report to Moscocv? And half to NSA, Washingdone.

It would explain the missing White House e-mails at any rate.

Silver badge

Handsomely Rewarded and Still in Proxy Virtual Control .... An Ancient Celtic Art.

"just under half will go to the other owner (Bannatyne, if you must know). ®"

He of Dragon's Den infamy, Cade? I admire his Pluck and trust he is not Relying on Luck being Supplied. ...... although one can see the Parallel Association of Interest with Heavenly Virtual Bodies.

Bravo, Mr Bannatyne. An Impressive Covert Beach Head into the Soviet Psyche.

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