back to article Samsung goes HD with compact flagship

The camera giant’s expanded its NV compact range with the launch of the NV100HD, which also sports the world’s only 28mm wide angle lens with 14.7 megapixels. NV100HD Samsung's NV100HD: the only 28mm wide angle snapper with 14.7Mp The NV100HD becomes the flagship model in Samsung’s NV compact camera series and users …


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I’ve got the NV24HD, had it for a few months and I’m going to be selling it on. The image quality is pretty disappointing, the noise and grainy look of the pictures are really poor. The Image stabilization and face detection in my opinion don’t work.

Though having said that if this improved (and I mean improves) on the pics I could be tempted, but it sounds like more of the same, oh well.

Nice try Samsung

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