back to article Citrix's 'Kensho' tools shed earthly hypervisor restraints

Citrix Systems is developing a set of Open Virtual Machine (OVM) format tools that will let virtualized applications jump across different hypervisors. Dubbed Project Kensho, the tools will be released as a technical preview for download by the end of this quarter. The code allows pre-configured virtual applications (viz. …


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precursor to 'cloud'-agnostic?

Kensho sounds interesting for users.

Wonder if there is someone out there trying to do the same for cloud computing - to be able to push your app in cloud u need to create AMI or a package that your hosting provider honors (APS - Parallels) - if only there were a standard that allows and ISV to bundle its app and push it on one cloud or migrate it to another cloud using a vehicle like OVF - it would be nice. So if u have a cloud that is down - move to another one - at least the critical apps - and may be pay more! But once your home cloud is up get back there. Or more like migrate from cloud to cloud - follow the opposite route to that of the sun - so you can conserve energy.

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XSSXRoads .... for High Lodes and Low Roads/High Roads for Low Lodes

"Although Citrix paints the project as hypervisor independent, there's currently no word about support for Oracle, Red Hat, and Sun virtualization platforms. (We put that in to be polite.)"

It would be QuITe Impolite not to mention that Open Source OSINT is already dDeBased 42 Command and Control ITs Platforms .... as would be Confirmation here? ....... ..... in Another Good Deserving Turn.

And as for "Room at the Top ..... Room with AI View." .... .... Well, that's Way Out There in a PlAIn/on a PlanIT All of IT's Own Creation ....and made QuITe Perfectly Sublimely Simple with Love's Algorithms. Fragrant Flowers Tapped for their Honey in the Perfumed Gardens of Private XSSXXXXual ReVirtualisations ...... Virtual Time Machine Travel into Prospecting Future InfraStructures.

Is that what ICANN do or are they just Tasked as a Routing Hub?

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