back to article Acer pitches Aspire One at Euro cellcos

Acer is said to be talking to T-Mobile, Vodafone and Orange in a bid to persuade them to bundle its Aspire One Small, Cheap Computer with a USB 3G modem and subsidise the price through airtime subscription. So claims an unnamed Acer representative cited by IDG. The talks appear preliminary and exploratory, so it would be …


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Anonymous Coward

A few questions...

1) Is it out? can i buy it?

2) Can we have a review? (i assume this depends on (1))

3) Can we have the definitive Reg(tm) answer as to which one (wind, ee pc, one) is the best? (eee pc friend bias not withstanding)


Most of the "reviews" of the "ONE" on tintahweb tend to just list the spec sheet (which is similar to the others), followed by saying it looks cool, followed by "EH?! the mouse buttons are on EITHER SIDE of the touchpad!!!??? OMGWTFBBQ" and pad this out to a page.

Then finish by mentioning that the uber (6-7 hr) battery costs a bajillion squid (£80ish? squid isnt worth what it used to be...)

The base models all seem to be extremely similar, by the time youve tricked it out with goodies (gig o' ram, better battery, *maybe* hd?) you're into normal laptop territory (as many other readers have pointed out), thus defeating the point.


where is my trusted review? i want someone to have the courage to say "<specific model> is a bit poo", thus helping me make a decision!! (sp)

Hopefully yours,


This topic is closed for new posts.


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