back to article DWP slammed for fraud computing failure

The Department for Work and Pensions has failed to measure benefit fraud properly because of its slowness to improve IT. The accusation is made in a report by Parliament's Public Accounts Committee (PAC), which says that the department's new management information system, known as FRAIMS, was only introduced in February this …


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at that price

"FRAIMS, a nationwide fraud case management system, has cost £65m."

.. there is the first case of fraud for it to find.... although for a government IT project its cheap i guess.

Anonymous Coward

DWP / CSA scan in November

I was one of the people who was falsely accused to being overpayed Income Support because of these muppets. I have almost sorted it it now but the amount of hassle, stress and lack of communication between agencies has been awful. To compound the problems they added a third party call "The Debt recovery Agency" who I was required to answer too, this body didn't have any access to any of my data and would not accept bank statements (the only proof I hold) of proof of payments.

The Goverments records are so inaccurate and fragmented that it could not be used as evidence anywhere accept in the mind of the Debt recovery agency. If I was a benefit cheat I could have stole thousands and they wouldnt even notice, this is why their fraud statistic show a decrease. There has in actuallity been an increase and this loss is nothing compared with the waste incurred by the watchdogs

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