back to article Pulled PlayStation update to be re-released next week?

Sony has resolved the problems with version 2.40 of its PlayStation 3 firmware. The consumer electronics giant is said to be readying a fresh release of the update next week. According to a report by website CVG, Sony’s customer support division said that the firmware revision has now been renamed version 2.41. Apparently, 2. …


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Gates Horns

why so mean?

It worked fine you harletts.

Sweeties get your facts straight before you start posting crap.


Paris Hilton

I wonder

Every time Sony releases a update, I always here people complaining about how It broke there ps3. I have never had a problem with any update. I wonder how much of this is due to just user stupidity.


I concur!

Yep, I've applied every update as they've become available. Never had a problem.

Not sure if user stupidity is a problem though. I have a friend who is very IT savvy and works in the industry, but the 2.36 update still turned his PS3 into a brick. Sony though, replaced with no arguments and very quickly.

It's always the same. It's normally a very small minority that have problems, but they always have the bigger voice.


User Stupidity?

Sony pulled it. That means there was a problem, plain and simple.

I don't know where I'll be without my PS3 this winter. Keeps the living room warm at night :-)


User Stupidity? Redux

Some users had problems, so Sony pulled it. That means that some users had problems and that Sony pulled it. Plain and simple.

It doesn't mean that there was a problem with the update.

Plainer and Simpler: If there was a problem with the update then there would be some consistent commonality in that population of user that experienced problems.

Perhaps there is.

Stupidity would be one explanation (PS3 is going more and more "mainstream" and reaching more and more people for whom technology itself is a challenge so more likely to screw-up/over-react when things don't go totally smoothly).

Conversely of course, it may be that these people are "tweakers" and did something to screw their own pooch (which they aren't going to admit of course since that would mean having no-one to blame but themselves).

Or it could be a mix of the two.

Bottom line of course is that even a PS3 most royally screwed by this update was still easily recoverable by it's owner. Oh shame, they might lose some game saves, but their actual hardware was still just fine.

This seems to have been ignored by those hysterically screaming that "Sony Bricked My/Your PS3!"

Mines the coat with the two brain cells to rub together in the lining.

Thumb Down

It broke mine!

ok I've heard all these people dismissing the "breaking PS3" saga... well I am one of the affected.

My PS3 was bought in the UK in the high street, its one of the 40 gb models, all original and never messed with! I've updated each previous update without issue, and l am connected to my internet connection via a gigabit wired connection

installed the update and the machine restarted... not much to mess up! just press X when prompted... after the restart i get the startup sound and the flowing ribbon, Sony Computer Entertainment fades out and the XMB does not appear

a new hard drive (or formatting the original) starts the PS3 and shows the update was successful

but all data from my original hard drive is scrap :( all my saves are irretrievable

with an unbootable machine, in not sure what good the new update will be...

(I had a spare drive that was due to be fitted so that there now and my old fubar one i5 in a drawer just incase a miracle cure turns up!)

Gates Horns

Sony Bricked My/Your PS3!

I'm hysterical!

Anyone up for a bit of Mario Kart?


Another ps3 is fine

Yep , and my one also has a 10G linux partition.


Just a "normal" user.... ?

"connected to my internet connection via a gigabit wired connection"

WOW! GIGABIT?!?! Your internet speed must ROCK!

No, wait. Isn't your speed going to be limited by your internet connection anyhow? Having a Gigabit connection to your router is like having a 12 lane autobahn for a driveway - your car still has to obey the speed limits and get just as stuck in the traffic jams once it completes the 5 meter sprint off your drive and hits the public roads.


And let me get this straight....

You just happened to have a spare HDD sitting waiting to upgrade your PS3? (Q: Was it "spare" or was it "waiting to be fitted"? Either pretty much excludes the other. Something doesn't ring quite true in your story)

But in any event, here's a question.... knowing that you were going to do a firmware update AND a HDD upgrade, why didn't you back up your system BEFORE updating and then apply the update AFTER having upgraded? Y'know, seeing as how you were going to upgrade the HD ANYWAY and that backing up is, you know, a necessary step in THAT process.

Then you wouldn't have a "scrap" HD, you would have one of those, oh, what do you call it.... oh yes.... a BACKUP.

Again, something not quite ringing true.

I suggest you double check and make sure you really do have a PS3, and not one of those Ex-Box things. You know the ones I mean.

They come with those obsolete HD DVD drives, and when they brick, they REALLY brick, and if you want to upgrade your HD you have to go cap in hand to MS (remembering to truly STUFF that cap with $$$'s for the privilege).


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