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The global trade body for the mobile industry and a European monetary organisation have signed a pact to speed up the deployment of handset payment services in Europe. The GSM Association (GSMA) and the European Payments Council (EPC), which represents 8000 banks in the EU, will now jointly co-ordinate efforts to get phones …


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Networks still getting a disproportinate cut?

So am I right in thinking the networks still insisting on a cut of the payment (that is, no doubt, grossly disproportionate to the resource required) to process the payment?

When will people see that the mobile purchasing future is in establishing a secure mobile to serverside transaction that makes the purchase in the same was as online? you can use NFC or click to buy with this interface - it is predominately based on tried an tested web protocols and the networks out of the commission loop.

We are the first to build this functionality in the UK and you all we see it soon in the Java environment...........;-)


Not an original idea

The company who introduced the concept of pay by phone was First Virtual way back in the 90's. It's better to say "It's coming back" rather than "It's coming closer." Glad to see someone working on a 10 year old idea (again).


Bluetooth Please it makes things simply and costs less !!

simply make bluetooth the underlying protocol please

a simple java app to take care of the crypto and selecting the payment terminal...

people at MIT have android unlocking cars and paying for things via bluetooth and there are plenty of phones with bluetooth on it now...

simple for the operators to deploy as well !

why dont people get this it will mean less problems in role out as new phones have the app pre loaded and old phones can be loaded if they want providing a larger user base rather than having to fit new ones...

I am sure the contractors and other supplier companies would prefer new "secure" RFID but really its less and more expensive...


John Jones

This topic is closed for new posts.


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