back to article AMD rolls out line-leading four-core Phenom

AMD has launched a trio of quad-core Phenom X4 processors today, including a new top-of-the-line part, the 2.6GHz 9950. The other two are lesser parts, but AMD's pitching their "energy efficiency", particularly when lined up against Intel quad-core CPUs. The 9150e and 9350e are clocked, respectively, at 1.8GHz and 2.0GHz. AMD …


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  1. Nigel
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    The tortoise and the hare?

    Interesting to note that AMD is doing with 65nm technology, what Intel need 45nm to accomplish. Which means that when AMD are able to process-shrink, theirs should benefit from a 40% speed gain, and Intel will only keep their lead if they're ready with a 32 nm process or a new architecture.

    I just hope AMD don't run out of money before they get to 45nm.

  2. Andreas
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    Comparing apples with apples?

    "AMD is pricing the 9150e at $175 and the 9350e at $195 - when sold in batches of 1000 processors - and was quick to point out that Intel doesn't have a quad-core that costs less than $200."

    Is AMD comparing a batch of 1000 Intel CPUs with a batch of 1000 AMD CPUs or simply 1 off-the-shelf Intel CPU with a batch of 1000 AMD CPUs?

    Paris Hilton - because she's easy to confuse

  3. Anonymous Coward
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    Except Intel isn't sleeping like the Hare was. He's still racing on and will probably jump into his 32nm rabbit hole soon.

    Ah, mixed metaphors are great!

    Anyway, lets hope AMD just jumps straight to 32nm next time! Massive speed/power gain and far smaller processors.

    Who knows, within 5 years we could have mobile-ITX sized boards running quad-cores!

    Actually, Intel will just nab AMD's method of doing it faster and overtake them once again. That's the thing about overtaking someone- unless they do it really quickly you get a good long view of how they're doing it!

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