back to article Data Domain sends de-duped files into unalterable state

Data Domain is teaching its de-duplication boxes a new storage retention trick to satisfy those picky government regulatory-types when they come sniffing the machinery. It's adding a Storage Lock option to all its de-duplication systems. The software lets administrators keep de-duplicated files in an unalterable state for …


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You owe me a cheap USB mouse

I just emptied the contents of my mouth over my cabled pointing device at that picture.

I demand to know who's idea that picture was, and also why it was lacking a suitably humourous alternate text tag so that you could owe me a keyboard too.


Steven R

PS: I recognise that finding that hilarious marks me out as terribly sad, but I'm getting too old to care now anyway.

Paris Hilton

...but admins still can move them about...

And having read the full press release:

"during this period, users cannot change or delete the files, but trusted operators can manage files and space as required. This level of compliance protection is designed for supporting those regulations that focus on protection from inadvertent or malicious data modification by storage users."


FInance user does some fiddling and it goes into one of these protected files.

That user then offers some storage admin a chunk of money to go replace the original file with a copy that doesn't have said evidence of fiddling in it. Or just delete it. Or whatever.

Social engineering makes this dubious at best. Good luck with the regulators... I guess it's not any in the finance, law, or health care spaces...

Paris, because this sounds like it was designed by a dumb blonde.



Dedupe is the new virtualization. Lots of hot air and talk of saving loads of money but then the large firms with real data centers look at the caveats and run away.

From my personal experience in the last 5 years:

Investment bank2: Dedupe sounds great! We can massively reduce our tape overhead

Vendor: Yeah, but you'll wanna back up to disk to take proper advantage of it. Tape is dead, get with the times.

Investment bank2: What about bandwidth? I've got 25 tape drives that do 70Mb/s? Can your disk solution do that?

Vendor: You won't be writing as much cos of the dedupe. But we're confident you'll see good bandwidth.

Investment bank2: But 1 Tb of your RAID is 23,000 notes. A 1Tb hcart2 tape which generally manages1.6 - 2Tb with the drive compression is 35 quid. What about all our backup servers that are in different subnets? Can we connect all of them to the same disk like we do with tapes and then manage it with scsi reserve? Or do we need to predict how much storage each media server will need and carve the array up? And how do we offsite?

Vendor: Err

A chap from IBM said to my boss the other day that dedupe is a bit like teenage sex.

Lots of people are talking about it.

Lots of people that say they are doing it actually aren't.

Those that are doing it, aren't doing it well


@Alan Parsons

That wouldn't be the same IBM who created FUD would it?

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