back to article Sprint promises WiMAX in September

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has laid out a schedule for the company's much-awaited WiMAX deployment, which will now be launched in Baltimore in September. Washington DC and Chicago will also get coverage before the end of the year. While Hesse was addressing NXTcomm his CTO, Barry West, was extolling the utility of their WiMAX …


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Another radio?

We just keep stacking up the radios that we're having to chuck in our phones don't we?

Cause EV-DO wasn't fast enough for the CDMA junkies they need WiMax too?

As it is, VZ sells phones that'll do GPS/Bluetooth/GSM/CDMA/EV-DO. And from what I understand, one that does all that plus UMTS/HSDPA and Wifi is in the works. (the point of these phones is that it'll use VZW's "advanced" CDMA network while home and when abroad you'll be able to roam on GSM networks) -- so now we're gonna need to chuck a WiMax radio in for nice fast "4G" data as well?


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