back to article European release date inked for Samsung Omnia

Speculation continues to grow over the date on which Samsung will release its latest would-be iPhone killer, the Omnia, to European customers. Samsing i900 Omnia Samsung's Omnia: could arrive here next month Samsung has already confirmed that the 3.5G phone will ship to South-East Asia during Q3, but it has never said …


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I want it now...

I've been following this phone since it was first announced. gsmarena says that it will be july, I'm ready for this phone just waiting for it to hit the high street.



I've seen many nice phones and let them pass by, cause they wouldn't run skype in my home over my wifi connection.

I enjoy your phone reviews, but they would be much more useful in regards to a definite purchase decision, if you were to test and tell if skype will run using the wifi connection.

While this basically should be possible on any Windows Mobile Phone, there have been recent smartphone culprits (including models from Samsung), that somehow borked that up, possibly on purpose, due to pressure from cellular carriers.

To make up for lack of skype wifi support (not that phony skype program that goes through your cell carrier), a phone would need to have a startrek style transporter device built in... in essence, the feature can't be compensated for, cause I don't want to carry around a separate skype phone and try to keep phone books syncronized between 2 phones.

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iPhone Killer?

I hate it when manufacturers state iphone-|ipod-killer in their ads, it's just soooo naive ... the phone looks pretty cool, but I doubt it will be ground-breaking, let alone a jesus-phone killer!

I'll wait to see the touchscreen interface, but if I need to use a silly stick to use it fully ... Next, please.

In fact, to be honest, Windows Mobile and Internet? NEXT, please, quickly!

No, I'm no apple fanbo[i|y] or M$ hater...

@Niels: The phone might be able to run skype, but providers will "patch" that ... ;-)

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