back to article Stressed? Over-worked? Buy a satnav

Looking for ways to reduce stress and heighten your awareness? Then the answer’s simple: buy a satnav. "Research" has found the GPS devices have several positive impacts on the modern driver. According to independent research conducted on behalf of… er… satnav maker TomTom, 74 per cent of UK drivers said they felt more in …


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This is correct

I got my Tom Tom after three wrong turns:

= firstly in Guildford when we went to the Holiday Inn and I took a wrong turn to another town when we could actually see the Holiday Inn, and this made my children cry.

= Secondly, trying to get back across the Thames after visiting Bluewater in Kent, and heading toward London by mistake.

= and thirdly, trying to come off the M1 onto the M25 and missing it not once, but twice, when I failed to spot the turn off coming the other way too.


Tell that to my friend...

...who drove into the car in front while fiddling with her TomTom.


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