back to article Deployment bug mars Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has posted a workaround for a bug that left some enterprises unable to apply the latest patch Tuesday update. A snag involving System Center Configuration Manager (ConfigMgr) 2007 - a product designed to make updates easier to apply - meant some users were unable to distribute last week's tranche of seven patches …


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Paris Hilton

Oh come on

I enjoy a good jab Microsoft as much as the next guy, but this is taking it a bit too far. Bug in update system prevents very minority configurations from getting up-to-month-old updates.

What's Paris up to these days? At least when she stuff up it makes me feel better.


Don't speak too soon .....

It's simply that folks like me with XP machines for the children, can no longer be arsed to report failed MS software to the news hounds.

Of course it didn't work for home users, but then I'll bet that they don't read the Register for one and speaking generally, wouldn't know that Windows Update had failed anyway.

The thing that I found humerous/interesting about this little snafu is that if you follow the links to use the Trouble Shooter, there is no help at all, nada, nothing. Well that was the scene a few days ago.

So the critical security patches can't be that important then ?


This topic is closed for new posts.


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