back to article Motorola slashes R&D lab by half

Motorola Labs is to shrink by half as the company struggles to cut costs by laying off 150 researchers and transferring 180 to elsewhere within the company. The cuts will be around the world and will leave only about 300 staff in Motorola Labs, most of whom are involved in long-term research which can't be so easily cancelled …


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Dead Vulture

ByeBuy Moto

oh well...

dont look like im gonna get a upgrade to my V3

wonder if LG will buy up the peices...

will probably offer them 1$ for the lot as a total loss maker

by then Motorala will probably be on its kness...

byebye Moto

Anonymous Coward

Maybe nice to see a Company Hires people story

just once in a while :)


They never learn

Motorola made the StarTac - a really innovative phone for its day. Then they flogged the same design to death for ten years while Nokia overtook them in leaps and bounds....

About 15 years later they made the RAZR - a really innovative phone for its day.........

Sounds familiar?

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