back to article JVC punts dual-format camcorders

JVC has unveiled three new HD camcorders, two of which the company claims are the world’s first camcorders capable of recording in both AVCHD and MPEG 2 formats. HD30_JVC_Front JVC's GZ-HD30 (above) and GZ-HD40 use both AVCHD and MPEG-2 compression The GZ-HD30 and GZ-HD40 dual-format camcorders can both compress video into …


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Does this make any sense? MPEG2 is not HD so you have HD camcorder but you record in SD? Why not just get a SD camera and be done with it.

Also, they say for superior editing using MPEG2 - everyone with half a brain knows that one of the big problems with recording in MPEG2 is that it is not superior (DV was/is superior) as it is a lossy format and you have to be careful where you splice your scene otherwise it can look a mess.

Anyway this is typical marketing, make something that is worse and then on the next generation say "oh we have now made it so terrible that the previous encarnation is better!!!". What a load of Crap.

Now if only I could get my Xbox 360 to stream AVCHD then I would be happy (ish)



Looks good ...

... on paper. Can we expect a full review?

"A UK price or release date hasn’t been seen yet."

Based on Market trends I'll give a good estimate:

USD: GZ-HD40 at $1300 (£650/€840) - UK est.: £750

USD: GZ-HD30 at $1000 (£500/€640) - UK est.: £600

USD: GZ-HD10 at $800 (£400/€520) - UK est.: £500

Anonymous Coward

Video codec tradeoffs

Walter, MPEG2 is a compression standard, it's resolution independent ie can be used for SD,HD, whatever you want. DV will certainly provide better quality ( and be easier to edit)but you pay the price in bitrate, Standard DV = 25Mb/s whereas high quality SD MPEG2 perhaps 7 or 8. MPEG2 will easier to edit than AVC / H264 but if you're not worried about editing the AVC coding will produce good quality video at even lower bitrates, perhaps as low as 2Mb/s

dependinging on picture content. Notice a pattern here ?

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