back to article Red Hat promises delayed JBoss 'worth the wait'

Red Hat has committed to delivering the delayed next edition of JBoss in the "next several" quarters, promising the wait will be worth it. JBoss Application Server 5.0, once expected at the start of 2008, will feature a micro kernel and container, support for OSGi, and REST. Support for Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 5.0 …


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Websphere Application Server does not support JEE 5

The article incorrectly states that JEE 5 has already been added to IBM's WebSphere Application Server 6.1. In actual fact, WebSphere is in a worse off situation than JBoss. JEE support is scheduled for inclusion in WebSphere 7, which, like JBoss 5, has no release date set yet. WebSphere 6.1 users can get a JEE 5 feature pack, but this is unsupported for production use. JBoss 4.2 however comes with a 99% compliant and supported JEE 5 container out of the box, and JBoss have had their pluggable EJB 3.0 container available to users for a lot longer than WebSphere have had theirs.

The thing that WebSphere 6.1 did include was a Java SE 5.0 JVM, almost 2 years after the release of the Java SE 5.0 spec, and a long time after JBoss shipped versions that were supported on Suns Java SE 5.0 JDK.


Re: muzilla

The guy has a way with words, first he announces his arrival on the scene earlier this year by saying that JBoss would capture "50%" of the middleware market, which is patently absurd...note to Muzilla, at least qualify that with 'Java middleware' and .Net is a middleware technology, and to think JBoss will take 50% from Oracle, IBM, and Sun is one thing, but to do it to Microsoft, as well, is crazy-talk...

Then, in this article, he claims that "most" deals are BEA-related, which is also unfortunate, as most of their deals should be Red Hat-related, no one cares if they are picking off departmental deals that WebLogic does not want to price for, because if he thinks that Oracle is not going to be coming full-force in the very near-future is naive...

Finally, i would really like to know what he means by "re-factoring" and "interoperate", because I kind of got the feeling that he doesn't know what that means, or in the very least, i don't know what he means from listening to him, so if his role is to explain the eternally painful delay of JBoss 5, this garbage about re-factoring is not very convincing...

"several quarters" is really disappointing, i know i am a jerk, but I really want JBoss to succeed, and I know engineering a new app server platform is hard-work, but messaging on this could be better, like details on what any of what he says means....





Damned, that is what we can call passion!

As I just mentioned on TSS, I've just posted a blog entry on that very topic:



CTO JBoss, a division of Red Hat

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