back to article Outsiders get a crack at eBay's Selling Manager

eBay is throwing open its Selling Manager tool to external developers building high-volume businesses based on its online platform. The company has announced Project Echo, which it promised would provide the same level of access to features and functionality in Selling Manager as enjoyed by applications currently developed by …


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Paypal's portal...

They said "...safer, easier online payments.". Don't get your hopes up. Anything that is "easier" isn't (almost by definition) "safer".

Unless the buyer and seller are in a nice "padded cell" alone, where items and cash can be exchanged (or not), it won't get "safer" or "easier".

By the way, I've got $N millions in a check, can you help me cash it?

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At freakin last!

It has been my displeasure to use that pile of sh*t for the last year. The concept is good but the coding is the worst I have been subject to in decades. I would not attempt to list all the issues. Support is non existent apart from the usual cut/past irrelevant garbage you get from any eBay support request (use the forums for a REAL answer).

PLEASE let there be a proper product released soon. Hopefully a couple of competing products will stimulate a decent result at a reasonable price.

Mind you, the way eBay/PayPal are now treating us these days I doubt if I will be there to use a new tool as I have started looking into creating an independent website of my own. I am sick of being squeezed for every penny possible while being treated as a lowlife because I sell more than junk out of my attic. If I treated my customers the way they treat me and other sellers I would have gone out of business very quickly. </rant>

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The title lead me to believe that they were allowing punters access to their management team. I was hoping to give one an earful, but I guess they will continue to leave their human side as far away as possible, as per usual.

Bill, because even he is more accessible than the people at eBay.


Could it be adapted to SEARCH ebay properly ?

So far as most of them are concerned, there's one main thing we would like done to ebay software, and that's to somehow circumvent ebay's almost-universally UNPOPULAR new search and get back to pretty much the search pages that ebay arrogantly insists on phasing out.

If the idea could somehow be turned round, and made to search in a manner that ebay users WANT instead of some silly manner that arrogant ebay insists on inflicting on users, that would be a very welcome tool.


What's this for? Sellers are leaving in droves!

Ebay is causing sellers to leave in droves, with the new policy changes and tens of thousands are upset and will be protesting at Ebay Live 2008, this week.

The changes are idiotic. Sellers can no longer leave negative or neutral feedback, even if a buyer bids, wins your item, ingores your emails and doesn't pay. What right do they have to leave any feedback, if no transaction has taken place? We have sellers, bidding on competitors items and ruining their feedback, just to get a boost, on their own items.

Ebay went in and retroactively turned all neutrals, to negatives. Neutral, means just that, how can ebay call neitral, negative? They swtarted giving new discounts to people with good ratings, but they knock them down first, with the neutral change, so that many can't even meet the requirements, for the discount.

That is not the worst of it. We have thousands and thousands of sellers, who have closed their stores and we KNOW that the listing count should be going down. But, we have uncovered the source of the raised listing counts and I can't see it being anything, but fraud.

The seller BUY or was taken on by ebay, right at the time ebay KNEW they were going to lose sellers. They are using, to pad the listings, to make it look like the count is up, when it really isn't. We have found thousands upon thousands of fake listings, that have no description and you can't even buy them. I found them ending tens of thousands of listings early, saying they are no longer available for sale and then immediately relisting them. Most likely to keep the sell through rate up and then relisting them again, to up the listing count 2 fold. They don't even pay any fees, being owned by ebay, so all the listings that they are padding, aren't even bringing in revenue???? Something isn't right here!

Isn't this making the stockholders think that listings are up, when they really aren't? We have all the proof documented. I even have it documented of when I was talking to Ebay Live Help and asking them about all the ads, being ended early and it immediately stopped, when they found out that we knew about it.

Please help us in exposing them, for what they are trying to pull. The boycotters should have a fair chance, to show what is really going on, behind the scenes.

Thank You

Tracy Fair and thousands of other ebay sellers.

P.S. You can find the revolt going on at:


eBay is a 4 letter word in Australia

I'm astonished... eBay actually thinking that someone else can do a better job than themselves.

What happened to eBay's god-complex? The one where any individuals, organisations, banks, national consumer organisations, governments... that disagree with them are just labelled 'vocal minorities'.

There is a deep hatred of eBay and PayPal in Oz because of their idiotic PayPal-only attempts and unfair feedback changes described in an earlier comment.

They'll be lucky to survive unscathed, and good riddance to the greedy customer-hating bastards. They've reached the heights they have only because they're standing on the corpses of the many sellers and buyers that they've so deeply betrayed and badly mistreated!

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