back to article Scalent strokes physical to virtual to whatever you like play

Start-ups in the systems management arena tend to scare us. They promise the world and usually deliver a rundown village mired in a drought. But every now and then, a company like Scalent Systems pops up that actually seems capable of performing a practical task. Scalent this week released Version 2.5 of its V/OE (Virtual …


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RE: "...its technology seems to beat out things such as HP's Virtual Connect system..."

Hmmm, not so sure, but then I doubt if HP are too worried, seeing as Scalent have been members of the HP BladeSystem Solution Builder Program since December 2006.....


Big Deal

Big yawn... Cassatt has been doing the same thing for a couple of years. It's that just now, the market is beginning to realize that it needs automated P->V and P->P services now that VMs are all over the place.

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