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Mozilla has finally set a date for the official launch of Firefox 3 - which open sourcers hope will set a world record for most ever downloads in a day. Firefox 3.0 will be ready for download from next Tuesday - 17 June. But the big day, dubbed Download Day, could be delayed if a serious bug is uncovered at the last minute. …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Utter tripe

    I can imagine these Firefox parties would be the best party in town </sarcasm>. I can't think of ahything more awful than bunch of mouth-breathing FF fanbois all congregating together and "partying" over a web browser.

    Pledge to download a browser? Come off it. Pledge to do something worthwhile if you're going to pledge to do anything

    El Reg's article summed up FF nicely earlier "...a skinnable memory heap testing tool...". FF3 seems to be the same but minus the Linux 1980's skin. They've replaced the 1980's skin with one that looks like your dad trying to be hip and cool but failing badly.

  2. oliver Stieber
    Thumb Down

    set a second world record at the same time

    For the number of people pissed off because their plugins and flash no longer work.

    Way to go.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    which time zone are they measuring the 24 hours over? ie. when (preferably in BST) does the 17th start for the purposes of this attempt?

  4. Senor Beavis

    See YOU next Tuesday

    Cheeky bast**ds, the lot of you

  5. Jolyon Ralph

    But what timezone?

    The Spreadable Firefox page is strangely missing this vital information.

  6. AC

    Wow ..

    you firesux fanboys are really lame if you are going to have a party just because a browser is released ...

    i mean i knew firesux users were vein but i didnt know they were as bad as mac users

    i hope the record attempt fails miserably and i can get a bit of peace and quiet from the fanboy quarters

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    RE: Timezone?

    The 17th starts and finishes at midnight.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    microsoft update

    guarantee they do far more than FF could ever do every month - this is such pointless willywaving, especially when someone like adobe or ms can come along and just stick a dl counter on flash or some critical windoze patch and trounce it.

    Stop fucking going on about it!

    Paris - because she probably holds it for her downloadable film.

  9. Rob Sked

    World Record?


    Let some Hollywood celeb (correctly) release a personal sex tape along the same lines, and it'll smash this record.

  10. g e
    Thumb Up

    I already have it

    Ubuntu FF updated yesterday (I think) and FF reports as V3.0 now, no beta's or anything.

    So you can all SEE ME next Tuesday... oh.. and bring a bottle, K?

  11. Edwin
    Paris Hilton


    I can imagine many things worse, one of which is the mouthbreathing iTards when Jobs releases his next PoS

    Paris, 'cause even she knows only Opera is better...

    (well - that and there's no iTard icon)

  12. Anonymous Coward

    What will be the impact on the Internet?

    Specifically, will it slow down my pr0n downloads?

  13. Mark
    Gates Horns

    Don't be a sheep.

    Set the download record for Opera 9.5 instead. Released today...

  14. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Sour grapes much? I'm no fan of Opera, or many other browsers for that matter, but I can think of better things to do with my time than piss on someone elses' parade.

    Like edit my plugins so they work on the current release candidate. =)

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Beefy download servers

    I hope their download servers fall over under the load, since the alternative is probably that some more important bits of the Internet will fall over under the load and spoil things for everybody else.

    Sorry, but my glass is half empty on this one.

  16. Robin

    Time Zones?

    So is that 24 hours on 17th June as in 00:00 - 23:59 in GMT, or US time, or what?

    If it's based on GMT, then everyone on GMT+ who gets up early to download it will be jumping the gun, and everyone on GMT- who stays up late to do so, will miss out.

    Or is it just based on the date wherever you are? In which case it's not an absolute 24 hour period.

    Another school of thought, is that I'm worrying far too much about this. Time for another can of Guinness methinks...

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Has the Reg added an illiteracy service to all the others?

  18. Martin Owens

    Who let the tards out

    The critards are out in force in this thread. I wish El Reg would keep them locked in their cage watching One Foot in the Grave.

    Look you don't have to like firefox technically, but at least they're not trying to own the internet like Microsoft, Adobe or any of the other bastards.

    Sometimes people should be celibrated because They Do The Right Thing in the face of stupid idiots like the posted above.

  19. IanT

    Not a world record...

    You do know that the Flash Player already gets many more downloads than 1.6 million a day?

    cf. Ben Forta's blog:

  20. Elmer Phud


    Should be a torrent file - just to piss off Comcast.

  21. Anonymous Coward

    Looks like Moz have achieved what they set out to do, with you lot!

    You're all slating it, thereby giving it publicity! A lot of you will now go out on chosen boards and slag it of elsewhere, giving yet more publicity. The best thing to do if you don't want anyone to use it, is to simply ignore it.

    Me, I have been using the beta's for about 2 months now and love it, far superior to the previous releases.

  22. Nexox Enigma

    1.6 million?

    So that just means 1.6 million people that open their browser, see a popup that offers a new version, then proceed to click "OK"?

    Obviously FF has more than 1.6 megausers, so it seems like sort of a given.

    I'd wager that Google's index.html gets downloaded more times in a 24 period though. Web pages are files too, you know.

  23. David Kelly

    why so anti?

    I don't get why so many people are being negative about this, especially on a site so full of developers. Firefox's growing competition to IE has forced M$ to wake up and start adhering a little better to W3C standards. That's a good thing don't you think?

    You can bang on all you like about Opera but how much market share have they taken in the last five years? This whole "download party" concept may be lame and geeky but at least it is giving FF some publicity.

  24. neil

    Re:I already have it.

    You will find that either rc1 or rc2 depending on which repo you use. Not the final release.

  25. Gerry
    Paris Hilton

    Let's hope FF3.0 is better than Kestrel !

    Let's hope they've made some real improvements, unlike Opera 9.50 which seems to have gone backwards. If you use Delete Private Data, all the Speed Dials waste time and bandwidth by phoning home to refresh the thumbnails.

    And Opera's tabbed browsing is now much worse because all the tabs look virtually identical, there are no longer any red and blue buttons to show which is the one to close.

    Yup, I know this is the wrong place to post Opera whinges, but the Reg's Kestrel story doesn't have comments enabled.

    Paris, because she's not shy about going forward.

  26. Bill Gould


    When they make it not suck, maybe.

  27. Paul

    So what IS the record?

    Has anyone checked?

  28. Eddie Edwards

    What kind of nutjob

    What kind of nutjob downloads the new version of a program the day it is released?

    Surely you should wait for at least SP1.

  29. Jon Brindley


    Anyone else think that "firesux" is really grasping at straws for ways of saying

    "I don't like this product for no reason other than I took a dislike to it over some arbitrary thing it did differently from how I would've done, were I able, so I'll add some kind of insult to the application into its name and round it off with a nice fat, ultra-cool 'x' so that everyone knows how cool and hip I am"

    Granted, it's shorter.

  30. Cyfaill
    Thumb Up

    Firefox 3 is real, it runs fine

    I use Debian Linux, Lenny -Sid (Future Debian 5)

    On a lark I downloaded Firefox 3.0rc1 and installed it (took about 5 seconds to decompress after the download of the compressed file and that was it.)

    It just runs and as far as the flash plug-ins were concerned, they were basically auto installed once a site like youtube was visited.

    I like the bookmark editor and even though this was a release candidate... It just works, no crashes or bad things... It is pretty fast too. A little faster than Debian, Iceweasel-Firefox, but I guess that is the goal along with better security features.

    It just sees all of the previous settings and I can switch back and forth between the browser versions without issues.

    As far as the gloomy posters are concerned, I think it is a normal reaction to success were jealousy is what happens with those who can't deal with it, or is a normal anti fan reaction now that IE is on the slide to oblivion.

    For those who are fence sitting whether to try it or not, my vote is to go for it.

    I am using it about 50 percent of the time (comparison checks) and I think it is movement forward for Firefox.

    Debian GNU/Linux Lenny-Sid rocks too. Should not surprise those in the know of course.

  31. M Brown

    Anti sheep

    Makes me laugh so much the people who all of a sudden have to like Opera. I would like to bet these are the same people who were all over FF when that wasn't as widely used and was the alternative to IE for the 'cool' crowd. Now that FF has hit it's popularity, people have to jump to the next 'underground' browser, ie Opera until that becomes too widely used. Pathetic

  32. Red

    How sad

    'Firefox fanboys and girls will organise parties'

    That is one of the saddest things I have ever heard

  33. Robert


    If they really want to boost downloads, they should have been strongly encouraging Addon authors to update their stuff. Most people won't upgrade until their fav addons are compatible.

  34. b166er

    Pure Genius

    Is the record holder, the Guinness screensaver @1998? The number 1.6 million seems to ring a bell.

  35. Anonymous Coward

    @ the strange people who cannot grasp the concept of 24 hours

    its a 24 hour period it doesnt matter the timezone your in, it will be 24 hours from when they release it!

  36. Anonymous Coward
    Gates Halo

    Firefox Fanboys - Get IE8

    Seriously, Firefox was once cool before the fanboys started up. Now I am ashamed to use it and await IE8 to repair my sorrows.

    I believe we should all support Microsofts attempt to re-monopolize the browser world and once they have we can rest assure that they wont update it for a further 10 years. Good ol' MS.

  37. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    If it works

    then don't fix it ... I'll be sticking with version 2 until they get the plug-in compatibility issues sorted

  38. Paul M.

    Not much to cheer about in Freetard land


    Google and IBM own and control free software. Linux isn't going to take over the world anymore. And Micro$oft is going to be around forever.

    So the fanboys have sod all else to celebrate.

    The question is - with millions in the bank, why isn't the Mozilla Foundation paying for these parties?

    Freetards seem to earn the "tard" part of the description by working for rich guys for nothing. Which is pretty damn retarded behaviour.

  39. Dave

    Re Sheep

    Given how slow it'll probably be to download as part of the crowd, I may well wait a couple of weeks. Plus I'll have a better feel for whether it's even worth downloading it at that point.

  40. This post has been deleted by its author

  41. JB
    Thumb Up

    Time Zone

    I'd bet my last pound that the 24 hours in question is PST, as most people downloading this will be on the west coast of the USA. So if you're really that keen on helping them out to get the record, start downloading at 8am on the 18th in the UK.

    As for plugins/add-ons, the really important one, AdBlock+, works with FF 3.0, that's all I needed to know!

  42. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    See you next tuesday

    Brilliant. What other news site could indiscriminately shoe horn in the word c*nt on their front page.

    Keep it up guys

  43. steve hayes
    Paris Hilton

    Firefox 3

    Firefox 3 RC2 is fantastic. I will certainly download the final release. Best browser available. Call me a party pooper, but I will wait a day until the download servers are quiet.

    Paris, because she is foxy fiery party trouper and knows full well what a final release is.

  44. I. Aproveofitspendingonspecificprojects

    Let's have out own party

    And download Konquerer, Safari, Opera, K-Melleon and all them others instead.

  45. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    @ Re:I already have it. By neil

    You are wrong. Those of us who had the latest release candidate installed have already been able to apply updates. So we do have Firefox v3. A shame we can't support the record attempt, that is unless we just download it anyway.

    As to the rest of you with your miserable posts - get a life.

  46. J-Wick
    Thumb Up

    Opera, back in the day...

    Hey, I was using Opera back in the late 90's - I even *paid* for the full version - v4.0, I think it was.

    People paying for web browsers. Times have changed, haven't they...!

  47. Jeremy Cordes


    I wont be having any kinds of parties, but since safari has gone to shit, I will be downloading and using F.F.. I don't have any choice, and I think the first post said it best. I only hope the next generation of coders and I.T. guys can learn from the current one.

  48. Temp
    Gates Halo

    Memory hog

    I hope it is lesser of memory hog then FireFox 2. It makes IE look better !!!

  49. Lupus


    Yes but if they release it at midnight, WHOSE midnight?

  50. Brian Whittle
    Thumb Up

    count me in

    the only plug in that I used that does not work on this pc (not sure about my vista desktop thats still on 2.14) is safari view

    On opera, I used that for ages before changing to firefox (I even paid to get rid of the adverts) but I find that I get less weird rendering of web sites with firefox


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